Simple Video Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Leads & Sales

Carmel Murphy

Video has fast become the best way to communicate with your audience.
It's key to being SEEN, HEARD and ENGAGED WITH by the right people,
at the right time, online.

As an audio/visual species we are attracted to video more than any other form of digital media.

It's a tool that's proven to captivate attention and influence purchasing decisions.

If you want to improve your marketing and get more leads, more conversions, and more sales... VIDEO is the answer!

If you're new to video marketing (or just want to get better results!)

Here's how I can help you master video leads & sales:

Free Webinar

Create Simple, Impactful Marketing Videos - No Filming Required!

  • You know video would help you become more visible online…
    (But putting your face to the camera fills you with dread).
  • You want to make videos…
    (But struggle to find the time and inspiration).
  • You’re already creating marketing content for socials…
    (But keep getting disappointed by the results).
  • You see others being successful with video marketing – you know it’s possible... BUT!
  • The tech side of video editing is daunting… and the equipment is expensive…(and you’re under enough time pressure as it is).
  • Not to worry – I’ve found a way to create SIMPLE marketing videos… without the hassle (or fear) of being on camera!

Next webinar: 2023 Date TBC

Online Course & Workshops

This Is How You Standout Online, Showcase Your Biz & Sell More... Via Video!

Video is the ultimate attention grabber and a powerful marketing tool. In fact viewers retain 95% of a video message, compared to 10% in text! (Insivia)

If you're looking for a simple way to promote your business...

  • Without wasting time and money on complicated tech (and expensive equipment).
  • Without putting your face-to-camera (or dancing on socials).
  • Even if you've tried video marketing before (and want better results).

The Promo Video Blueprint will help you gain more high-value leads and sales as you learn how to create short, scroll-stopping, click-enticing, promo videos...

Next workshop: Saturday 5th November 2022

Weekly Support

Builds Your Video Marketing
Momentum - FAST.

The place where exceptional achievement is fostered for all. We're here to help you get ahead with your marketing and feel super confident putting your message out there.

  • Tech trouble shooting and screen sharing so you don't waste time.
  • Get feedback to refine and improve your videos
  • Script writing help if words aren't your thing.
  • LIVE support (to keep you motivated)
  • In depth conversations about business, marketing and money-mind-flex!

Yes! Membership is now INCLUDED in The Promo Video Blueprint package deal...

...alongside UNLIMITED workshop access!

Next session: Thursdays @ 4pm AWST

Simplify & Streamline Your Marketing
Strategy So You Can Get Ahead Sooner

I just had a 30min tele chat with Carmel and it was amazing. I often think I know my ideal customer but when you have someone like Carmel who really pushes you to dig deeper and understand what are the emotional drivers of your ideal client then you get to the juicy bits.

I would highly recommend any business who needs to engage with customers to connect with Carmel.

Kat Lynn

Sonny & Kat Photography

For many years marketers have tried to fit me in a box and I just don't want to be like, or do the same as everyone else. I need to find MY way.

I had an introductory session with Carmel Murphy and she 'got me' and gave me some great ideas to implement into my business. Thanks Carmel Murphy. I'll be back ;)

Sharon White

Global Healing Exchange

Time To Increase Your Revenue & Enjoy More Freedom... Too?

Click here to learn a little bit about my story and how I can help you...

Hey there! I'm Carmel Murphy, a former Corporate State Manager... who became a successful online business marketer, making money on my terms from wherever I choose! 

For years I struggled working 60+ hours per week just to make ends meet… and getting nowhere fast.

Then, in 2009, I decided to become a coach.

I always loved to help people and now was the time to begin my own business... doing something I loved. 

It made sense. And all I had to do was the training and then I would get the clients. I wasn’t afraid of hard work, in fact I loved it.

So, I studied... and flew interstate, I spent heaps of money... I spent time... and I was ready...

I thought, that’s all I needed to do... get “qualified”.

Then I opened for business and... crickets!!!

No flood of customers; no envelopes of money and no lifestyle of dreams!

Oh, I got one or two clients here and there but to be honest I felt like I had no idea what I was doing.

But I persevered and tried and tried... looking over my shoulder often to see how well others were
doing and here was I going back to work AGAIN... I had to feed my kids and pay the bills...

People around me didn’t seem to “get it” for the most part they just thought I was crazy.

Why didn’t I just stay in a job...

But I wanted more, I wanted independence, flexibility, the dream, travel and of course the riches. What I found was hard work with no reward and a continuous revolving door of going back to a JOB and then trying again and always ending up back where I started...

Low on money and wondering what the hell I was doing!

Even though I had worked my way up to corporate level management, and had an enviable 'title'... I wasn't feeling fulfilled.  

I knew something had to change and I needed more consistent support and help but where would I get it.

It all came to a head when I was working and wanted time off to travel home to Ireland and could not go as it didn’t fit with the “company” timetable...

I decided I simply must get serious about changing this...

So that's when I remembered the one mentor that had really stretched my thinking years before... I plucked up the courage and I called.

We discussed a plan... I was nervous... I mean, what would be different this time?

But I decided to trust... to trust me, to trust my mentor and no matter how uncomfortable I felt, I decided to trust the process and push through it.

And that is what I did, I failed forward, I stuffed it up, I made mistakes, I got feedback, I felt scared and unsure.

But this time it was different...

Every week, I got to discuss what was happening, with someone who had my back.

I got to be supported and pushed to my potential.

I got to be directed when I wasn’t sure.

I got to be guided when it wasn’t clear.

I got to unpack my old limiting beliefs and change them.

I got to uncover my inner talents and skills I never knew I had - like marketing!

There were a few times I felt like giving up, but I am so glad I didn’t because now my life and business is completely different...

All because I found the support I needed to grow a better business...

And I up-skilled in the 4 fundamentals required to make that happen:

Marketing,  Copywriting, Video and Sales!

I now bring my coaching, management, and marketing experience into the enterprise world. 

I offer support to small business owners and entrepreneurs by passing on the crucial pieces of the elusive 'marketing puzzle' that form the difference between struggling in business... and enjoying more reliable revenue and relaxing time freedom.

I can help you achieve results like these too:

  • Rocket your revenue via high conversion sales and marketing strategies.
  • Increase the number of leads coming into your biz via social media and search engines by mastering video marketing!
  • Get more 1 on 1 clients, and become known as the expert!
  • Create online training, products and membership groups to share your value to a wider audience.
  • Automate your business online so you can have more free time!
  • Run workshops and training both online and off-line.
  • Run successful retreats and events - locally, nationally, even internationally!
  • Work for yourself on your own terms (without burning out!) 
  • Choose when and where you work (and for how much!)
  • Become a sought after speaker and get your important message heard!

Hope you choose to join me!

Carmel Murphy

Carmel you are a wizard - in the very best way! Our brief chat helped me gain so much clarity on my avatar.
Now that I know her better, I can serve her better - and that means we all win!
5 stars in every way!
Thank you

Terri Adams-Munn

Ten Thousand Dreams

If you want to be better at communicating, I highly recommend working with Carmel. She knows more than just business tactics. She will help you to be a better version of yourself and be confident in making decisions.

Marissa Abao

Pinterest Strategist

An absolute powerhouse, inspirational with humour thrown in too. Moves you towards your goals and aspirations.

Robyn Gartrell

Self Employed

Clearly head and shoulders above the marketing pack.

Julian Anderson

Advance Dynamics

Discover 5 simple ways to captivate, connect & convert... via Video!

  • Unsure what to say on video to attract quality leads and clients? Not with this list...
  • Get 5 intriguing topics to enthrall your ideal clients and put you top-of-their-mind.
  • PLUS 5 easy-to-implement tips to ensure your videos hit the mark and maximise engagement every single time!

Yes! When you click this button you are providing me permission to email you the PDF
and add you to my list for future communication, engagement and opportunities.
Thanks! Carmel Murphy

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