Save Time & Get Crystal Clear On Your  Exceptional Marketing Strategy

That's exactly what you'll get during
a Business Unpack with us...

Two Experts' Eyes On Your Biz

This is an intensive deep-dive unlike anything you've likely experienced before. You get two experts' eyes on your business and marketing strategy. We will ask you lots of questions and really dig deep into where you are now, what you want to achieve, and the best way we can help get you there. You will walk away with renewed passion, direction, and desire to keep achieving in biz!

Cut confusion & Gain Clarity 

The biggest barrier to business growth? You don't know, what you don't know, you don't know! Too much time is wasted chasing your tail, chasing new things, and chasing dead-ends. We will help you simplify your strategy and processes. Map out your route forward. And help overcome the marketing brain-boggle of "How do I make it work - for me?"

The Quickest Way To The  Money

During the Unpack we'll be on the lookout for new ways you can get cash in the door - fast - so you can afford to keep going, invest in your strategy, and keep growing. Money is the key component in business - and you need to stay afloat while any new marketing strategies are being designed, built and rolled out. Fresh-eyes on your situation can be a game-changer when it comes to cash flow.

On The Day


You & Your Business

The first session starts with a deep-dive into you, your existing business (or business ideas), your current results... and the future result you want to achieve. This gets us all on the same page with an understanding of your products, service, skills, strategies, and the unique attributes you bring to the table. This session will help clear the brain-fog and any uncertainty of what you're doing, and how you're doing it!


Lucrative Target Market

 The second session is focused on unpacking your Ideal Client/Lucrative Avatar.  By the end of this session you will have delved deeper into your Lucrative Target Market's, needs, desires, problems, fears, anxieties, values and stories than ever before! It will highlight if further research is required, and we will point you in the right direction for that too. From this session it will start to become clear what your TRUE message is - the message that will connect your skills/value to their purchasing decisions - and make you stand out in the market place as the expert THEY need to work with!


Sales Funnel & Strategy

In the third session we will map out your sales funnel from woah... to go! This is where we'll design a PERSONLALISED strategy specifically for you and your business goals.  Whether it's increased lead generation, increased conversions, increased product sales or selling more premium client packages. By the end of this session you will have your funnel mapped out, along with a list of all the tech components required to make it flow. No more second guessing... simply a step by step funnel to set-up and test on your market.

Already have a funnel? This session will highlight where any missing pieces are and how you can improve it's return. 


Immediate Action Plan

The fourth session is where we bring everything together and provide you with the next 3 to 5 steps to start implementing all we've unpacked and mapped-out. This helps eliminate any overwhelm from the deep-dive we've just completed - and puts it all back into perspective, and into clear steps for moving forward without unnecessary stress! We will tell you HOW to successfully achieve each step, and can help set deadlines and accountability check-points along the way if you know you'll require further support. 

What To Expect

  1. 1
    Zoom Call

    The Business Unpack takes 4-5 hours.  Your zoom link will be emailed to you, and it's as simple as setting up in a comfy spot, and logging in at the agreed time.  The entire call will be recorded and sent to you post unpack. As will photos of all whiteboard work.
  2. 2
    4 Whiteboard Sessions

     There are 4 Whiteboard Sessions each focused on a specific part of you and your business. There will regular breaks in between, and the process is designed to be FLEXIBLE should you require something other than what is described above. See above for more details on each session.
  3. 3
    Privacy & Honesty

    Talking about your business, whether it be struggles or wins can be a vulnerable process.  We will do everything we can to ensure you feel safe, supported, and listened to. These are 100% private sessions, and everything discussed will remain confidential. At any time you can choose not to disclose information, simply let us know and we will respect your wishes.

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Instructions to book your Unpack Session date/time will be emailed to you on purchase.

About Us

Carmel Murphy

With over 25 years' experience in high level leadership and management and 11 years as a coach/mentor, Carmel has learnt the value of the power of great marketing, copy and communication to engage your audience. She specialises in identifying your Lucrative Target Market and High Conversion Marketing, because "You've got to get the right message, to the right person at the right time!" Her focus is to not only share valuable business building information but assist you in taking epic, profitable, ACTION on it too! Carmel has quickly become a go-to expert when it comes to designing and implementing online marketing strategies, funnels and leveraging them via video marketing.

Sarah Lucy Rose

With over 6 years’ experience in online marketing Sarah is a self-confessed high conversion copy and marketing 'geek'. She is one of Australia's rapidly emerging copywriters and knows the future success of your business (especially online) will rely on the ability to communicate a compelling message... combined with a lucrative online marketing strategy and a simple yet effective sales funnel. Her focus is to bring the tech and messaging parts of marketing together in a clear, concise,  manner - so more biz owners and entrepreneurs can get ahead online sooner!

Let's Go!

After your Business Unpack join us weekly on the Exceptional Entrepreneurs Co-Creation Calls (now included in the Promo Video Blueprint Package Deal) so we can help you IMPLEMENT your new plan and provide ACCOUNTABILITY if/as you need it... alternatively you can book a time to organise one-on-one mentoring sessions with Carmel to keep the momentum rolling!

Carmel & Sarah

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