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Pre-Event Webinar

Homework To Do:

Print THIS sales page  and highlight the sections you can identify where the 'voice' or 'mood' changes as per Paul's instructions in the webinar.


Alternatively you can download this Word Document, to highlight the sections and print if you prefer.

Session 1: Grab Attention 

The Headline

12 mins in talked about Open Loops

19 mins in talked about Neuro Architecture  - Attention

24 Mins in talked about Headlines

Then feedback on writing...

Session 2: Position Your Value 
–  One Sentence, 4 Steps

First 14 mins on Neuro Architecture - Novelty & Pain

Then feedback on writing...

Session 3: Introduce Yourself  
One Sentence, 3 Steps

Using contrast in copy

Session 4: Satisfy The 
'Me Centric' Brain

Answering the 'what's in it for me?' question using benefit statements.

Extra Resource: Calming The Amygdala PDF

Session 5: Speed Of Results 
- Provide A Timeline

Extra Reading: Book on Play

Session 6: Offering Peerless Value - Tangible V Intangible

 Prechy V Mecentric

 Neuro Architecture - Yes V No Decisions

60 min in - Value elicitation with Terri

Extra Reading: Book on The Experience Economy

Session 7:  Proof

The 3 Elements - Who they were, who they are now, and their transitional story

Conspicuous Consumption

Benefits and Proof

Open Loop Template With Examples

Session 8: Risk Reversal - The Guarantee

Overview and Feedback

Session 9: Bonuses To Further Magnify Desire

This one includes Section 10 reference of what to do next.

Explanation and feedback with examples

Session 11:  Guarantee


The Purpose of Copy Writing

Introspection V Thinking

Genius Type

Extra Reading: Six Thinking Hats

#1 BONUS Q & A 

Including How habits are made

#2 BONUS Q & A 

3 mins Which parts of the template to use - the Hierarchy

9 mins The curse of Knowledge elasticity of messaging and a progression story

23 mins Disbelief suspension template feedback

42 mins  counter intuitive pivot point

46 mins Terri fb post feedback

63 mins  question as a statement. The importance of getting a no response

#3 BONUS Q & A 

9 mins Leanne Feedback

20 mins Sales

28 mins Wendy Feedback

40 mins  The BLOT template

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