Video Scripts: How To Match Your Message To Their Minds, Successfully!


The basis of marketing is communication.  
No, scrub that; the basis of marketing is effective communication.  
Nope, scrub that again; the basis of marketing is influential communication…
Ah – no, final scrub: The basis of marketing is influencing decision-making!

Whose decision-making are we trying to influence?

Your ideal prospects, of course!

Many things get in the way of people saying 'YES' to you, your marketing, advertising, freebies, offers, products, and programmes.  Video content or not.

Whether it's distractions or disinterest, the good news is that you can do things to significantly improve your acceptance and conversion rates.

Do they take some time to learn?  Sure.

But will they increase your click-throughs and revenue?  Oh yeah!

Look at anyone already profitable in your industry, and you'll see the proof.  The 'top-guns' use principles of influence and persuasion in all the marketing content and strategies they roll out. 

If you're unaware of this, or unaware of how you can use them too… well business will likely become overwhelmingly frustrating rather than fun and fulfilling – fast!

After years of reading books on influence and persuasion.

After years of learning about human psychology and motivations.

After years of growing a business and finally getting to 'grips' with what marketing really is.

I finally 'saw' what I could do to harness the invisible rope that ties marketing to profitability.

Here are three crucial concepts to understand – to ensure you can grab onto that rope too!

#1: Target Universal Human Desires

When crafting an influential marketing message such as a video script, it can be challenging to know where to start.  One of the best things you can do is to clarify what fundamental needs, values and drives will motivate your ideal prospects to take action.

Steven Reiss's theory of motivation is a great starting point.  After studying over 6000 people, he proposes 16 Basic Desires that we all experience at one time or another.

Acceptance, Curiosity, Eating, Family, Honor, Idealism, Independence, Order, Physical activity, Power, Romance, Saving, Social contact, Social status, Tranquility, and Vengeance.

Reading through this list – can you identify where your offer best fits?  Can you determine which desire(s) you can help satisfy for your prospects?

You may need to do some further research and learning.  And that's ok.  Just use this as a starting exercise to identify at least one desire within your ideal prospect you can target.

Got it?


Now what?

Excellent question – the next section will help you expand on this more, but first, there's one thing that MOST marketers get wrong.

That is: It is not your job to CREATE desire for your product/service/offer via your message.

The role of your message is to amplify it.  Make it burn brighter.  Create urgency within them to have it satisfied.

Know that those deep desires already exist within them.  Your job is to simply connect your message to them – and never let them forget you have the answer to satisfying them!

#2: Communicate To The Correct Part Of The Brain

You've probably heard the saying before: People purchase based on emotions, not logic.

But how do you actually craft an emotionally inspiring message?  How do you actually 'do' the 'illogical' part of marketing, well?

The first is to retake a look at that saying.  Here's how I'd reword it:  People make emotional decisions first and then look for logical reasons to justify their purchase!

To start using this effectively in your messaging, you need to understand the critical results years and years of brain science research prove.  But don't worry, you don't need a PHD in neuroscience to 'get' how to adapt the findings to marketing.  Thankfully people who have come before have done this successfully! 

Simply know there is a particular part of the brain where instinctual urges and primal emotions drive decision making 40 million times FASTER than the conscious, rational mind.  It is this part of the brain your message needs to target FIRST.  Everything from the words, images, audio, colours, design, and FEEL of your marketing content need to be crafted with this part of the brain at the front of YOUR mind first.

Luckily this part of the brain was wired a VERY long time ago.  Instincts.  Primal urges.  And lightning speed reactions are fundamentally cased in the old: Fight, Flight, Freeze, Feed, Reproduce, responses.  Knowing this, reveals the keys to influencing decision-making: Primal needs, emotions, and desires!

So, if you did the exercise in Section #1 above – you’ll now be able to expand that desire to include the primal EMOTIONS surrounding it.  Deep, guttural, can't-ignore-them emotions such as love, lust, joy, relief, pride, surprise, anger, envy, disgust, shame, isolation, regret, fear…

What emotions are stirring in your avatar already?  What would they rather be experiencing and feeling instead?

Highlighting the contrast between the 'before' and 'after' experiences and emotions in your message are highly influential when it comes to triggering action!

#3: This has all been done before… somewhere… by someone!

Ok.  Before you get defensive about how your business is different to any other.  That your IP is ground-breaking.  That your offer is incomparable.  I get it.  Maybe it is.  And sure, it's definitely a great selling feature (if you know how to word it with influence), but here's the deal:

Marketing has been around for decades.

Influence and persuasion are based on fundamental principles that WORK.

What you need to do to get your message 'out-there' and consumed by the right people has already been determined and done successfully.  By someone.  Somewhere. And it’s been systemised. Templated. And refined.

So, have you found them yet?

Have you done your research?

Too often, I see business owners fail to grow their businesses BECAUSE they haven't done their target market and niche/industry research.

There's no point having a 'great idea'… without knowing if it'll be profitable in the long run.

So, if you haven't already – go find at least ten people in your industry or niche ALREADY successfully promoting and marketing a message.  What are they doing?  How do they target your audience?  What do they say?  What do they promise?  What desires are they amplifying?  Where are the gaps?  What aren't they saying?

Now – this is NOT about copying their marketing.

It's NOT about plagiarising.

It's about starting from a known point of reference and adapting a proven process.  Being CREATIVE with proven marketing systems and formulas.

Now – if you struggle to find some leaders to follow, simply turn directly to the Direct Response Marketing niche – and observe WHAT the big-guns are doing and using.

They never start from scratch.

They follow templates, formulas, and scripts proven to work over and over again. They strategically adapt these to their own business and marketing situations.

So, my only question is: Are you?

Find ONE video script formula.  And follow it.  Fill in the gaps with what you know about your target market, their desires, emotions, problems… and your fantastic offer.

There's plenty of time to be confused later…

Do what has the best chance of being successful now.

Do your research.  And let it inform your next steps.

Find your go-to script formulas.  And use them to match your message to their minds – and watch out for what happens next!

In Conclusion:

Use universal human desires to your marketing advantage.

Use decision-making science to your high-conversion benefit. 

Use what's already (and easily) available to you to get ahead.

But, it's a lot, right?

I get it – it's easy to read about it all in an article, but you're probably wondering HOW you can do all of this for your situation right now.  In the limited time, you have to do it!

If there's one thing my clients say, it's having someone else to help show them 'what to do' so they can relieve the overwhelm and pressure – and just go do it! 

If having someone help you define your target market, message, refine your marketing, and put it all together in a video script that gets you more leads is of interest to you.  I want to offer you my help.  

Simply use this link to book an obligation-free session with me, and together we'll figure out how you can start to use the 3 Crucial Concepts above to your marketing and business growing advantage too.

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