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The Top 5 Videos To Attract More Clients Online


Everywhere you look, VIDEO is taking off! Social media, stories, lives, online courses, even videos within emails. Video is KEY to getting your message seen, heard, and ENGAGED with by the right people.


What should you SAY in these videos?

What inspiring piece of content will you create that RESONATES with your target audience and positions you as the go-to authority!?

  • Boring videos won't get watched, and irrelevant content says all the WRONG things about you and your business…
  • Creating endless content that drives little to no traffic gets exhausting…
  • Releasing a bad video could cause as much damage as a bad customer review (and you don't want that now, do you?)

Here's where to start:

These 5 videos will help you;

  • PRIME and SEED your audience to your exceptional VALUE
  • Get them familiar with your unique MESSAGE…
  • AND
  • Make them more likely to BUY from you…

These 5 video types aim to eliminate the "I'm not sure"/"do I trust you?" barriers. They talk directly to your target audience and what THEY'RE interested in, what they're searching for, what they need to hear from YOU!

If you want to SHINE online like the exceptional entrepreneur/business builder you are... then this top 5 list of videos to create is for you!

#1 Problem Videos

Your most lucrative target audience is searching for a solution to a problem. When you can talk directly to their problem, then they'll see you (or your product/service) as the solution to their urgent needs.

The "URGENT PROBLEM" is the first problem you can solve for them. It's what they need to be solved NOW.

Your job? Create videos about their urgent problem... and how you solve it!

Describe the problem as it shows up in THEIR world. Ensuring you communicate with compassion and understanding. Next transition to how your product/service, SOLVES that problem for them.

And always remember a clear call to action at the end.

TIP #1

Ensure you do market research so you can uncover the language your target audience is using to describe their problem. Then you can talk to them in their words.

Using their own language makes it easier for them to connect with you because they'll feel that you 'get' what they're experiencing. This will help skyrocket your know-like-trust factor fast!

#2 Desire Videos

The other thing your lucrative target market will be seeking (other than solutions to problems) is the satisfaction of DESIRES.

Your job? Create videos that talk to their core desires and show how you can help them achieve satisfaction.

Core desires are the most powerful of them all! Core desires can include things like safety, security, belonging, increased status, significance, variety and connection.                                                                                                                                          

TIP #2

Contrary to popular belief, your job in marketing isn't to CREATE desire in your potential client or customer. Instead, the desire must already exist within them.

Your only task is to 'add fuel' to their desire... make it burn so bright and so strong... that they must take action with you to satisfy it NOW!

Using emotionally charged language, emotional stories, and 'before and after' contrasts is a great way to tap into their desire and ignite its purchasing power!

#3 Question Videos

Your lucrative target market has questions - they're seeking answers, solutions, and information. So, when you position yourself as the provider of answers or as the expert who tackles the hard questions, you become more valuable in their eyes and trust is established in a really genuine way.

Your job? Start by making videos that target the questions they are searching for on Google & YouTube and provide the answers (or access to the answers) they're seeking.

Tip #3

Whether in business or social media, if you have a group, pay attention to conversations as people usually ask questions regarding the things they're struggling with.

Another resource you can use is https://answerthepublic.com/

Here you can find all the questions people are typing into google as related to your topic. It's a treasure trove of content ideas and can help take the guesswork out of targeted content creation.

#4 Story Videos

People love to communicate through stories, including your Ideal Client or Customer. It could be a story about you, a client of yours, someone you know, or even a story about THEM!

Stories are highly influential when you can create an emotional connection and reaction in the target audience.

Your job? Collect & craft stories into videos that people can relate to.

  • Stories that encounter the same challenges your Ideal Client is going through
  • Stories in which the subject successfully overcomes obstacles and succeeds in the end
  • Stories that increase the perceived value of your offer

TIP #4

Russell Brunson recommends an easy 3-step script you can use for highly engaging content...

First, grab their attention with a HOOK (a big juicy headline or promise).

Second, emotionally engage them and SHOW them the 'before and after' transformation or crucial 'aha' moment using a STORY.

Third, transition to your OFFER of how they can experience similar results too.

#5 Sneak Peek Videos

People love seeing the 'real-life' stuff, the stuff that isn't always perfect!

There's a time for 'professional' content, and there's a time for 'personal' content... both provide an opportunity to showcase your unique point of difference in the marketplace - YOU!

Create videos that show your business's day-to-day or inner workings, behind-the-scenes life, and the real-time results of those you help.

Showcase your personality, your professionalism, and proof that what you do is accessible for others too!

Remember, as much as these videos may focus on you; the strategy is that everything you show is RELEVANT to your Ideal Client and their decision-making process.

It's not just making content for content's sake... because that's exhausting!

TIP #5

When doing this kind of video, always ask yourself what are you trying to show them. There MUST be a strategy behind it...

What do they need to see from you to feel like you're the right person to work with? Is it...?

Honesty? Trust? Humour? Flaws? Warmth? Personality? Fun!?

What will make them say things like "oh, they're just like me!" or "I'm not the only one" and "I can do it too!"

Remember: Create a content schedule with your strategy in mind - and stick to it!

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