Target Market Research: Skip This Step And The Disappointment Begins…


No one wants to spend hours creating marketing content. Or spend hundreds (or thousands) rolling out strategies, only to have them flop.

The dream of leads pouring into your sales funnel… clients calling YOU… and selling out workshops and events…

Instead, met with disappointment and ongoing financial strain when the numbers don't make the time, energy, and money invested worthwhile!

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. If you know your marketing efforts aren't working as well as they should… and you lack that soul-fulfilling satisfaction from what you create…

Perhaps you've skipped this crucial step?

You wouldn't be the only one…

As I've observed, it's often the most resisted aspect of marketing. And yet can be the most profitable once done properly.

Researching Your Target Market might sound like a chore – and you might resist it - putting EVERYTHING else ahead of this task…

But if your current marketing isn't returning those grin-inducing, bank account-filling results you'd hoped for…

It's time to step back, take a deep breath, and dive deep into your ideal client or customer's mind.

Nope, it's not creepy or manipulative.

It's simply a core principle of successful influence and persuasion.

When you know their inner thoughts, dreams, struggles, and motivations BEFORE putting any content or offer in front of them, then you can save time and money because your content now MATCHES their world. Their desires. Their problems. Their thinking. And it becomes much easier for them to say "Yes"!

It's challenging to do – to step away from your agenda (to sell more and make money) and meet them where they're at (solve a problem or satisfy a desire). However, the biggest gains I've witnessed have occurred when entrepreneurs and business owners stop ANNOUNCING what they do… and start connecting with their target market's inner truths and inner dialogue.

Where to start?

3 'Hidden In Plain Sight' Ways To Read THEIR Minds Online

  • Social Media Comments

    The comments section is a gold mine for the language they use to describe their thoughts and feelings. You can do this on any of the social platforms – inside groups and pages – however, YouTube is where people SEARCH for answers and information, so is a really rich resource to start with! Find videos related to your topic/business, read through the comments section, and discover how your target audience expresses themselves. Keep an eye out for how they describe their experiences, emotions, struggles, and desires. Copy & paste the goodies into a Word or Excel document, ready to refer back to next time you're creating content!
  • Reddit & Subreddit

    Search for discussions related to your topic and scour the conversations for the language patterns of your target market. The questions asked. The responses posted. Copy and paste the insights into your growing Target Market Research Document.
  • Testimonials

    If you already have a stockpile of testimonials from your clients and customers – fantastic – use those. If not, your competitors probably do – and they're likely plastered all over their websites and marketing materials ready for you to analyse! Collate testimonials related to your topic/business and again highlight the WORDS people use to describe their experiences. What before and after experiences did they have? What past experiences have they had? What worked well… what didn't?

The word 'research' can send some people into a panic; the task itself can feel like a time-suck. If it's overwhelming to do it all in a big chunk. Relax. You're likely on social media every day anyways. Right?

Simply keep an eye out for those LANGUAGE PATTERNS and WORDS people are using related to your niche – and keep a stockpile somewhere safe. Over time you will start to notice repeating themes, words, phrases and some BRILLIANT insights into how you can now TALK to them via THEIR language.

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