Sales Funnels Simplified.

The Fundamentals Of An Online Business

Zoom Workshop: Saturday 12th December 9am - 12:30pm AWST

Finding sales funnels complicated and confusing?

You're in the midst of building your business online, and you need to capture leads, nurture customers, and sell more... but...

There are so many moving parts and so much 'tech stuff' to learn you just don't know where to start or how they all connect together. It's frustrating right? 

During this workshop you'll learn the basics of successful sales funnels and how you can create a simple sales funnel that WORKS (even if you haven't got all the tech stuff sorted - yet)!

Hosted by Carmel Murphy

The Communication Queen

Keeping It Simple: Your Top 3 Questions - Answered!

What Is A Sales Funnel?

  • The two types of sales funnels you can have (and which one is best to start with).
  • The keys to understanding your customer's journey and how it relates to the design of your funnel.
  • The fundamentals of pricing your products and services through your sales funnel.

How Does A Sales Funnel Work?

  • How to find the right audience to power-up your funnel and make it flow!
  • The basic infrastructure required to put your funnel on auto-pilot (and why its not as daunting as it seems).
  • A LIVE sneak-peek into the back-end of my sales funnel - so you can see how it works, and how it has evolved over time.

How Do I Design My Own Funnel?

  • The step-by-step design process explained.
  • LIVE examples mapped out on the whiteboard for workshop attendees - ensure you put your hand-up first for this opportunity!
  • What to do next so you can make your funnel go LIVE and start capturing and converting leads!

We've made the mistakes - so you don't have to!

Time is of the essence when growing a business. The quickest way to get ahead is to glean the answers from others already out there getting messy! To ensure you get the most value from this workshop I've invited my tech-head colleague Sarah to join me on the call - so you can ask her any sticky tech questions along the way (and she'll offer loads of online tips and tricks too).

"Why has nobody Showed me this before?"

Others have likely overwhelmed you by only telling you "what to do" and "why you should do it" without actually SHOWING you HOW to do it!

Not in this workshop!

Sarah and I are becoming famous for cutting the B.S. and SHOWING you HOW to do the important things right. Taking all those complex concepts and refining them down into simple, actionable steps.
In this workshop, we'll get to the heart of what makes a lucrative sales funnel FLOW.  We'll even show you behind-the-scenes how ours works (and get hands-on with attendees' funnels too)...

Sound good?

From confusion to clarity...

to leads & Sales!

Let’s Simplify Funnels For You Too!


You missed out!

Zoom Workshop: Saturday 12th December 9am - 12:30pm

All details sent via email. Recording available for those who book now!

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