Apply Easy To Learn High Conversion Copy And Marketing Strategies So You Can...

Take Your Business To The Next Profit Level!

An intimate... exclusive... & private workshop retreat within the foothills of Perth...

Designed to rapidly improve your sales and marketing results!

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Marketing Is "Everything You Do Before A Sale"
... But!

"In today's economic and social media environment, traditional sales and marketing strategies aren't converting as profitably as they once did."

Paul Counsel - Marketing Mentor On Retreat

Should you be concerned?

If your marketing is not working as profitably as you'd like, and if you'd like to increase your income... then, most definitely, your answer should be YES!

You must know exactly what your ideal customer wants... 

If you're looking to build your successful business beyond it's existing profit limits... there's one thing that stands head and shoulders above everything else that's required.

You must know exactly what tangible outcome your ideal customer is seeking to achieve.

Profitable results happen when your marketing accurately describes the unfulfilled desires of your ideal customer and shows them how to satisfy those desires by using your service or product.

The world's best marketers know that people buy “feelings”. So if you want to become more profitable, you MUST know what feelings your ideal customer is seeking to satisfy... and your marketing MUST aim at satisfying those feelings.

High conversion marketing doesn’t try to communicate information about products and services. Instead, it communicates emotional stories that engage your ideal customer in a larger story about what pleasure and happiness mean to them.

Here's the core truth of High Conversion Marketing...

Buying decisions are based on feelings... not rational or logical facts or figures or features and advantages.

Your ideal customer doesn't purchase goods, or services, or knowledge or expertise...

They purchase the “feelings” they want to experience as a result of purchasing your goods, services, knowledge or expertise.

High Conversion marketing must satisfy the feelings your ideal customer wants to experience through purchasing your product or service...

e.g. is it comfort, status, security, pride, relief, convenience, freedom, peace?

Here's a couple of questions to ask yourself...

Question #1

What feelings does your ideal customer experience as a result of reading your marketing... e.g. trust, connection, like-ability?

Question #2

What feelings does your ideal customer receive as a result of using your product or service... e.g. importance, independence, satisfaction, relief, pleasure?

Unfortunately, because incredibly powerful feeling motives determine decisions... poor marketing has a higher probability of creating "rejection" rather than "acceptance".

Rejection is caused when your copy, audience and offer are not aligned as one.

When your copy, audience and offer are not designed for high conversion, your marketing has a high probability of failing to "promise" the "feelings" your ideal customer wants to experience.

Rejection comes about when the vibes they receive from your marketing trigger, "you don't understand me... you don't appear to be authentic... I can't trust you" responses in your potential customers.

Buying decisions are "per-cognitive" feeling responses to what people see. The most expensive mistake you'll ever make in marketing, is failing to understand the sorts of feelings your ideal customer is seeking to receive through their purchases.

When you make this mistake, you cannot engage your ideal customer in a larger story about what pleasure and happiness mean to them and how they're able to enjoy emotional satisfaction through the use of your products or services.

An inability to attract new customers, or convert higher paying customers into new sales, causes financial distress...

At the High Conversion Marketing Retreat, you'll learn to apply new ways of influencing more customers and increasing your cash flow.

It leads to being overworked, underpaid, and missing out on time with your loved ones.

Here's what others have to say about working with Paul Counsel

I'm so pleased I said yes...

"I used to think of sales as a negative thing and definitely would not have considered myself a sales person or the best sales person for my business. Paul Counsel and Carmel Murphy share great marketing content in an understandable and implementable way which I have not experienced before. And, I will never look at sales and marketing the same way again! I’m so pleased I said yes and jumped in on the course"

NICOLE KENNET // Founder and Owner of Pernickety. Registered IR and HR Consultants Australia

An inner explosion of awesomeness...

"So many "ah ha" moments today. Neural pathways firing and rewiring all at the same time. An inner explosion of awesomeness. Love learning how to craft my current writing skills into copy writing skills. Let the learning bombs continue followed by implementation so that knowledge maybe formed". Gratitude Paul

FIONA JEANNE  //  Founder of The Purposeful Warrior

Exceeded all my expectations...

"Day 4 has a very high standard to beat... today exceeded all of my expectations! The learning and expanding today was incredible.

COBY MCKENDRICK  //  Founder of Conscious Living Mum

YOU TOO  can have the same high impact, cutting edge, game changing marketing strategies that big businesses use. 

You'll become more persuasive, more attractive, and more believable.

By directing copy towards the buying motives ("feelings") of your ideal customer, you'll be letting your ideal customer know that they'll be able to feel exactly what they want to “feel” as a result of purchasing from you.

It doesn't matter if you're in a consulting, coaching or service related business. You'll stand head and shoulders above your competition and gain more leverage in your marketing... and you'll have greater authority. And this means greater positioning… in the mind of your ideal customer!

Remember; buying is not solely based on rational thoughts. Its based on a series of unconscious nudges that trigger an initial "yes" or "no" decision. It's only after you've triggered an emotive yes decision... that a series of rational thought processes take over to confirm the "yes" decision.

While its important for good marketing to supply rationalisations that make good purchase decisions, they rarely elicit a sale by themselves. 
That's because high profit sales is a "transfer of feelings" business.

It's important to profile the psychographic nature of your ideal customer correctly.

If you don’t understand the feelings they're seeking from the purchases they make, you won't be able to target their “me-centric” desires and feelings, and you won't understand why they're not buying from you.

The more descriptive your marketing is of the benefits your ideal customer is looking for, and the more you write them into your sales copy, the more effective you're going to become at converting "feelings" into "sales".

You Gain Priceless Confidence From Marketing That Works!

If your marketing is not producing the level of income you'd like... and if you find that writing effective copy is a real challenge, it's important to understand that it's not your fault.

Its because most of the information you've received over the years is outdated and doesn't work anymore. And brain science research illuminates the reasons why... they're discovering that people don't make buying decisions the way traditional views have taught.

New brain science now understands that the "decision brain" must be presented with a specific sequence of stimulants before it can make a conscious "YES" decision.

Rejection rates are high for copy and marketing that fails to follow this specific sequence.

As a business person, the highest and best use of your time is learning this High Conversion Sequence so you can quickly put extra $'s in your business bank account.

And what better place to do this than in the intimate... exclusive... & private... workshop retreat environment in the beautiful...

Nathanael's Rest in the Perth Hills, Mundaring, WA.

Escape from the city, breathe in the beautiful fresh air... and take advantage of this opportunity for individual focus and support so you can rapidly increase your skills and become more financially productive, faster.

4 Days Of Peace And Tranquility To Work ON Your Business... Not In It!

  1. 1
    Prepare yourself for greater profitability... High conversion marketing is more than copy, words, pictures and strategies. While these are important, what's incrementally more important is the process of building authentic relationships and bonds with your customer base. We'll teach you how to do this!
  2. 2
    Prepare to narrow your focus to expand your reach... There's a marketing mantra that's stood the test of time. If you want to successfully increase your profits, your focus should be an "inch wide and a mile deep". You'll learn to position your ideal customer at the bulls-eye of your marketing because they're the ones who'll best respond to the "value you offer"... the building of strong connections and trust through the directness of your appeal to them.
  3. 3
    Prepare yourself for the lifestyle you want... sooner! I'll teach you how to attract enough new customers and convert higher paying customers into new sales, so that you don't feel like an overworked and under-appreciated business owner. You'll be able to enjoy a sense of purpose and your ideal lifestyle more quickly... because you'll be learning new ways of influencing customers and increasing cash flow through the use of high conversion copy and marketing.

Improve your copy and marketing skills... 

Breakthrough To The Next Level In 4 Days!

Define And Refine Your DISRUPTIVE Marketing Message...

To survive in business, especially online, you HAVE to position yourself strategically in market place so you don't get lost in the 'sea-of-sameness'. You must stand out for the amazing VALUE you provide to your customers and clients. Saying the same thing that everyone else in your niche is saying just won't cut it!

Come prepared with your 'Lucrative Target Market' document aka 'Ideal Client Document' to gain maximum value... Stuck already? That's OK we'll be on hand to help you through this process!

Discover The Profit Power of A Strategic Sales Funnel And Simple Marketing Plan...

How do customers find you? How do you connect with them? How do you capture leads? How do you turn leads into customers? How many collection points should you have? How complicated does it REALLY have to be?

All these questions and more will be answered as we delve into the depths of designing your business and marketing to suit you! Not every business is the same and not every business sells the same ‘way’. Utilise the knowledge in the room to help gain clarity on a way forward for you - that makes sense!

Write High Conversion Copy To Effectively Communicate Your Message!

Take your DISRUPTIVE message and write it into a captivating and compelling 1 page 'script' following this simple 6 step structure. This document will become your go-to marketing resource. Every time you write marketing material in the future no doubt you'll refer back to this document. Yes it's a highly valuable resource!

Need to write a sales page, video script, social media post, email, Ad? No worries when you get this 6-step template 'nailed' you'll never be lost for words again! Once you have certainty in your message and can WRITE it with confidence it's like the pressure suddenly lifts from your shoulders... perhaps marketing can even become FUN!?!?

Learn How To Create A Marketing Video... With YOU As The Star!

Video is a core part of marketing, if you aren't producing video... you're likely falling behind. So, now you know what your message IS... it's time to get comfortable and confident saying it on camera! You'll be shown how to set up all the 'technical' things and some tips and tricks to looking and feeling confident on film.

Then for a select few (those who are ready and willing) there'll be an opportunity to get your message recorded! Receive immediate feedback and hone your skills whilst others watch and learn too.

Found this valuable? Take your footage home on a USB so you can use it, or refer back to it, once you leave!

An Immersive 4 Day Experience
With Paul Counsel...

LinkedIn describes Paul as being in the top 1% of the most endorsed mentors in Australia for business strategy.

"The Money Mastery Mentor"

Having built four multi-million dollar businesses for himself, Paul is now focused on passing his skills and support onto emerging entrepreneurs, consultants and business owners determined to achieve greater levels of success for themselves.

During this, private, personal and profitable retreat, you'll learn the mechanisms, brain science and psychology for writing persuasive copy.  You'll pick his master marketing brain... as Paul helps you to innovate, create, and write your own powerful copy. (There's an extremely good chance that he'll even write some copy for you!)

nicole kennet

forensic hr

It’s been amazing to get from the first day to the last day.  Just the development each day and learning in a way that made sense to me, and to actually walk a way with something that I can work with has been amazing...

Other courses I go to and I get information, and it's about information gathering, and it's things I can do - but I don't really know HOW to do it.  This one has taken me from the information to actually how to use it and what to do with it... 

I couldn’t have done what I have done here, this week, by being in my regular environment. I just couldn’t have done it!

Fiona Jeanne Morgan

the Purposeful warrior

"I think for me the most enjoyable part was not only just being with the people and the rich conversations that we’ve had around meals and things like that, but it’s actually the fact I’ve come away with a tangible ‘something’ that I can use in my business…

I now have a good structure of how I can script additional videos that I want to record, a really simple easy to follow process that gives me the confidence now to record…

I like the immersion... we can just cut off and be IN the environment without the outside distractions…

Just do yourself a favor – invest in yourself and get in the room!

Jacqueline Campbell

Stories matter

I’m not sure how you would describe this, other than – You’ve got to come!... You’ve got these structured sessions but that’s just not what it’s about.  It’s the conversations. It’s the dynamics. It’s the learning.  It’s the interaction…

The amount of access that we have had to Paul’s knowledge, Carmel’s knowledge, Sarah’s knowledge, and each other’s knowledge is just unprecedented. Those conversations have shaped the learning, it gives it context, it gives it meaning, it takes it out of the book and into our businesses.  So, I really honestly feel like I could walk out of here and actually make a difference tomorrow....

I’ve never EVER had that before.

Also in the room to help you...

Carmel Murphy

The Communication Queen

With over 25 years experience in high level leadership and management and 11 years as a coach/mentor, Carmel has learnt the value of the power of great marketing, copy and communication to engage your audience. She specialises in identifying your Lucrative Target Market, because "if you market to everyone, you market to no one!"

Carmel's passion for people and business has come together to develop programs in high-conversion, profitable, marketing, copywriting and communication.

Sarah Lucy Rose

Cha-Ching Copy

Sarah is one of Australia's rapidly emerging young copywriters achieving productive success for national and international businesses.  She knows the future success of your business (especially online) will rely on the ability to write profitable, high converting copy. 

She has over 5 years experience in online marketing and copywriting, and many 'tips and tricks' to share to help you progress faster!  

Her support for you is invaluable.

An Intensive, Hands-On Retreat So You Can Develop Your Skills... Faster!

Increase Your Profitability Without Increasing Risk!

The lack of Business Profits doesn't come about because you're not good at what you do...
It comes about because of outdated or non existent marketing and poorly written copy.
  • Imagine... being able to increase your profit making without increasing your risk.
  • Imagine... enjoying a true sense of purpose and your ideal lifestyle more quickly.
  • Imagine... being able to increase your sales so you can stop sliding backwards.


When you learn to apply the 3 powerful "belief changing" marketing strategies Paul can teach you...
you'll begin to experience the money surplus that frees up your lifestyle.


It's the 3 critical elements of the psychology of money and human behavior.

All Work And No Play Makes "YOU"  Dull... Apparently!

enjoy camaraderie and relaxing social activities whilst on retreat

Nathanael’s Rest provides a quiet space for retreat in the natural beauty of the Perth hills.

The semi-rural property is forty minutes from central Perth and walking distance from the Mundaring Village.

In between 'workshopping' take a stroll around the gorgeous property, refresh and get inspirations whilst walking the labyrinth, pop down to the local shops and cafes to refuel and escape!

We'll even have a dinner out on the last night to celebrate the week and all it's successes!

Value Packed... And Ideal For YOU!

Others would charge at least $4497 for a 4 day intensive like this...
(and it definitely wouldn't include accommodation)

This retreat is different!

Get 4 Days Of EPIC Marketing Mentoring And Copywriting Coaching
For Only $2997

And... for the first 12 people accommodation and breakfast WILL be included!!!

*Next retreat date to be confirmed* 

Please email for more info

High Conversion Copy And Marketing Retreat

Take Your Business To The Next Profit Level!

Mellida Frost

Business Genie

My biggest learning is how to speak to the customers themselves… with something that is going to be meaningful to them...

...Instead of it being in a classroom setting it was more casual, but professional.  We could sit around in couches and discuss, and we weren’t on a strict timeline - I think that was one of the most important things… so it was able to grow organically.

…I just felt it was a better learning experience… I felt like at the end of every evening I could straight away go ahead and start doing things...

Cameron AitkEn

Perth Body Scanners

I think that one of the biggest differences with this retreat versus what I’ve done in other courses in the past is that you get the one-on-one time with the actual person presenting…

You’re not left to be in a room where everyone’s at different levels, and stuck at different levels and expected to just make your way through it.  Paul calibrates the room to a level where we can all play, but then also helps take us to the next phase that we need to be individually. 

So, for me that’s probably the biggest value that you can get – is not just from being in the room and listening… but it’s the fact that the person who’s presenting the content is invested in you getting it back.”

 4 Days Of Marketing And Copy

4 Days Of Live real Time Learning

4 Days of Focused Support

Questions & Answers

When is the retreat?

What will I eat?

Is there parking?

Where is Nathanael's Rest?

Where will I sleep?

Bring my laptop?

Secure Your Place Before It's Too Late...

Strict limit of 12 rooms for on-site accommodation...
20 people total for event!

YES! Daily drive-ins are welcome.

*Next retreat date to be confirmed* 

Please email for more info

Here's What You're Going To Learn In The Room

  • How to position your ideal customer at the bulls-eye of your marketing so you always know who you're 'talking' to!
  • How to build authentic relationships and bonds with your customer base... so they keep buying from you
  • How to attract enough new customers and convert higher paying customers into new sales...
  • How to define and refine your DISRUPTIVE marketing message so you stand out above all others
  • The fundamentals of a strategic sales funnel and simple marketing plan... so you can make more sales online
  • How to write high conversion copy so you can clearly communicate your message in a compelling way
  • How to create professional marketing videos with YOU as the star so you can keep creating epic content post retreat!
  • Have all your business, marketing, and copywriting questions answered... so you can progress forward toward new profit levels!
  • Meet new business owners just like you... the energy in the room is going to build momentum FAST!
  • Have one-on-one help when you need it... no one will be left-out or left behind!
  • Pick the brains of a self-made millionaire who’s already living the financial freedom dream on a stunning property in Tasmania!
  • PLUS For the first 12 tickets accommodation and breakfast WILL be included!!!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Carmel Murphy

Yes! It's time to breakthrough to the next profit level for YOU!

*Next retreat date to be confirmed* 

Please email for more info

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with subject line "Marketing Retreat Inquiry"

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