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Personally…… really?

July 6, 2011 | Blog | No Comments on Personally…… really?

So where were we? My personal life….. While I have no intention of going into it too much (so no panic)

Working in Hospitality had a toll on my personal life. Working all hours and having to go in often on my day off meant that at times I missed my childrens important days. Of course I would justify that I was bringing in the dollars so we would have a better life and as soon as I got enough staff on board or as soon as this next function was finished or as soon as Christmas was over and the list goes on…… thats right it never happened at the time. Than I became a single mum to 3 kids…… so I had to work harder (or so my inner voice told me) so I could justify even more why I had to work longer hours and make sure no one ever realised that I could not do this job…..  Looking back to be honest I have no idea how I did it and with some of the insights I have now….why I did it? I believed at the time that it was my sole responsibility to ensure everything was done and no one could get it done just right…. and guess what?  hey presto I was right….because I believed it I managed to focus on all the evidence that told me it was true.

I am sure you have all heard of the experssion “what you focus on is what you get” I know I have and I never quiet knew what it meant. Well looking back on my life that is exactly what was happening. To live in a stressed filled job with pressure on you all the time to achieve was what I believed being a “good” manager was. So I managed to only filter in the evidence that this was true…… What a difference when I began to allow other evidence to come in……..some one switched the light on

Lets keep that for next time…..

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