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Turning Words Into Dollars: 11 & 12 July 2020

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2 Day Training


Webinar Recordings

Intro Webinar: If Money And Cashflow Are Important To You Learn This Skill

Bonus Webinar: The Psychology of  The Rule Of 3

Session 1: Grab Attention 

The Headline

Link to 'Turning Words Into Dollars' sales page on the website

Session 2: Position Your Value 
–  One Sentence, 4 Steps

Session 3: Introduce Yourself  
One Sentence, 3 Steps

Using contrast in copy

Session 4: Satisfy The 
'Me Centric' Brain

Answering the 'what's in it for me?' question using benefit statements.

Extra Resource: Calming The Amygdala PDF

Session 5: Speed Of Results 
- Provide A Timeline

Session 6: Offering Peerless Value - Tangible V Intangible

Extra Reading:

Book on The Experience Economy

Session 7:  Proof

First 15 mins discussion

1. What does value mean?

2. How is it different from benefits  

3. What is risk

Extra Reading:

Against The Gods - Book re Risk

Open Loop Template With Examples

Session 8: Risk Reversal - The Guarantee

Session 9: Bonuses To Further Magnify Desire

Session 10: Reassurance Of What To Do Next

First 15 mins discussion

  How to use a guarantee no matter what  your industry

Make it risk free

Session 11: Decision Time

 Colour Coded PDF:
  Disbelief Suspension Template 

(see bonus PDF downloads below)

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