Exceptional Foundations

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Exceptional Foundations Videos

All great things are built on rock solid foundations - so too your business and financial freedom lifestyle!

Below you'll find an introductory webinar and 8 short videos presented by our in-house wealth and business mentor Paul Counsel. A self-made millionaire by 40, and the creator of multiple 7-figure businesses since then, he knows the importance of focusing on your foundations to ensure what ever you build and create has the best chance of success... starting with your money code.

Bring any questions to the weekly calls and we can explore these topics deeper. We can even ask Paul to join us and give you a VIP hot seat to get you ahead sooner. 

Carmel & Sarah

Introduction - Understanding Your Money Code 

Video #1 - Understanding The Enterprise Code

Video #2 - Key factors For Exceptional Achievement

Video #3 - Developing A 6 Figure Plan

Video #4 - Developing A 7 Figure Plan

Video #5 - Understanding Value for YOU and THEM

Video #6 - An Overview Of Formats, Packaging And Pricing

Video #7 - Enrolling Buyers Via Marketing

Video #8 - Developing Your Psychological Success Team

Thursday Co-Creation Calls

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2021 Webinar Recordings

#85 Membership Call 2022_02_17

Celebrate members

How To Research Your Avatar

Members unpack

The 4 part quadrant 

YouTube Search - what to look for


#84 Membership Call 2022_02_10

Congrats and celebrate members.

 Review New website for TCQ

How to Elevator pitch -

Become known as "The" something

 Workshopped pitch

#83 Membership Call 2022_02_03

Celebrate members

Structure of a sales page

How to get great testimonials 

Over view of new TPVB sales page

Kartra back end walk through

#82 Membership Call 2022_01_27

Structure of a post script - the wording

Walk through -




The what not the HOW

Copy of script here

#81 Membership Call 2022_01_20

Member check in

Content creating structure

Script example share

Whiteboard work example

#80 Membership Call 2022_01_13

Congrats and review with members

Wendy launch webiste LIVE

New way of making video - Filmr via phone FREE with Invideo account.

Video making at your finger tips.

#79 Membership Call 2022_01_06

Set up for 2022

Facebook Permissions

Membership Sites

Sales Page Structure

#78 Membership Call 2021_12_16

Emotions Wheel

Fav apps

Word for the year

#77 Membership Call 2021_12_09

How to plan your year

#76 Membership Call 2021_12_02

How to go live in more than one place at once

How to set up Streamyard for maximum effect. 

#75 Membership Call 2021_11_25

How to set up a YouTube Channel

#74 Membership Call 2021_11_18

Check-in where everyone is at

 What are the challenges and support they need.

Look at the 12 month plan

How to Amazon S3 uploads.

YouTube insights and how to access transcripts.

#73 Membership Call 2021_11_11

When not to run your event

How to be less stressed and have a great launch/event

Marketing Campaign 

#72 Membership Call 2021_11_04

Marketing Campaign - they are not all the same

Decision fatigue

Affiliate/JV with a marketing campaign

#71 Membership Call 2021_10_28

Marketing Campaign - How To Use Asana To Manage Your Campaigns And Events

#70 Membership Call 2021_10_21

Marketing Campaign - the next steps

Timing and reminders

Mapping out the customer journey

Marketing Campaign Outline Template

#69 Membership Call 2021_10_14

Marketing Campaign - the beginning. 

The List

Next Steps

#68 Membership Call 2021_10_07

What is a Marketing Campaign?
What do you need to do first?

What is the time frame of a marketing campaign
and should they overlap?

Live V launch or evergreen.
Paid ads -
lead magnet
what not to do

When it is not a campaign

PLAN is the first thing

Organic V Paid -
what strategy are you using?

What does the Spiral have to do with it.

Unpack Dave event idea and timeline.

#67 Membership Call 2021_09_30

Introduction and welcome to new visitors.

Paul -  frames of reference and the stages of human development

Social conditioning - How we perceive things.

Spiral Assessment - Above the line and below the line

 Why do a high % of lotto winners lose their money?

Q and A

#66 Membership Call 2021_09_23

Camera Settings - how to adjust and zoom in

Clarifying Jaime's message - pain or pleasure

What is marketing - and how is it different to a marketing campaign?

Do you really need a business plan?

#65 Membership Call 2021_09_16

Shiva's Message Unpack - Using the Connect 4 Table - download word doc

#64 Membership Call 2021_09_09

What you finally get the AHA moment - insights into what happens when the penny drops

Video: feedback on Dave's video, suggested tweaks and discussion of how the messaging is working.

Messaging:  Deeper insight and unpack of Dave's Connect 4 Table - Adding new column for identifying the core needs, motivators, and primal emotions

#63 Membership Call 2021_09_02

Webcam tips: lighting, exposure, and manual adjustment of white balance.

Messaging: Together we filled in the desire, problems, and emotions Connect 4 table for Dave's Avatar.

Dave's Message Unpack - download word doc.

Review of Shiva's script - download word doc

Homework: Fill in the Connect 4 table for your avatar. Add another column and identify what are the primal emotions and core needs of your avatar?

#62 Membership Call 2021_08_26

BLOT script the questions 

Remember to repeat your core message 3 to 4 times in the script

The 4 questions -

a. what is the core message b. How many times is it repeated?                                c. What is the desire?            d. What other problems are they experiencing or does it bring up?

The BLOT line by line Headline, subheadline, objection, solution and CTA 

Shiva video example and feedback

Scene by scene breakdown

Tips on copyright of images and videos.

The Curse of knowledge....

Homework: To help you gain clarity on your message have a go filling in this table... we will work through it together next week on the call.


#61  Membership Call 2021_08_19

Voice over in Invideo - How to get it to work seamlessly.

YouTube how to add a thumbnail

Messaging - the structure. The BLOT and why does it work.

Do you lead with a question or a statement?

What is the answer you want them to get to? Form your question/statement to get that"

Sample headline to HOOK them

BLOT step by step unpack 

Homework: Download this example blot script with Sarah's copy analysis and answer the 4 questions at the bottom of the page.

#60 Membership Call 2021_08_12

Celebrate Members Wins...

Wendy success and feedback                  

Comfort V discomfort

How to "reframe" the discomfort to "growth"       

Fear V Safe

Shiva and how accent and differences can be used to an advantage 

It is not your product... it is what your product solves                                       

Sarah tips on copy and the 6 step process                 

It is your ability to influence and persuade that makes a difference in your marketing      

If it's not about getting them to do what you want - then what is it?                   

 The curse of knowledge

#59 Membership Call 2021_08_05

Celebrate Members Wins  


#58  Membership Call 2021_07_29

Celebrate members wins

Example video for Video Workshop

Shiva video and feedback

How to use YOU in a unique way

How specific do you need to get?

What is a Shiverism?

How to make content your own


How do you know it is time to let go of some things.

How to keep 4 business's on the go


How to access and share


#57 Membership Call 2021_07_22

Celebrate Members Wins...

Jodie video feedback.  

Relevant images          Improve copy                    Make it sharper

What is the #1 problem that you are addressing?

Inattentional blindness -          

when people can be just a blind as a blind person

Have you worked our what is their internal motivation?

Jaime logo feedback.

How much time should you spend on your logo? 

Where do you hold pain in your body?

Video to watch

 The Cause Of All diseases 

 Watch his interview style too. 

#56 Membership Call 2021_07_15

Celebrate Members Wins  

Shiva video feedback

Wendy video feedback 

The big Shift action is taken.

Does your script start with a promise - using the BLOT template?

What is the unconscious and unstated core driver for your audience?

Jodie video feedback

Remember "When you are busy in it you often can't see it"  get feedback as you go...

Is your writing and grammar correct?

Get Grammarly Premium

How does your "front" door work as a hook?

Can I use Plain word only videos on YouTube?

#55  Membership Call 2021_07_08 

Celebrate members                                                                        Paul talks re self sabotage                                                   Would you like to be successful?

YouTube and algorithms                                      
What will an excuse do?                                                  Ranking on YouTube                                                                     Where to look on websites for keywords                                      
What is a keyword? and why should I use them?                                                                 The best books to read on mindset                                                      
Mindset V Mindflex                                        
Wendy's video and feedback/unpack                                                                         How to get your lighting right                   

#54 Membership Call 2021_07_01 

Celebrate Members Wins...

The challenge video - Wendy video hot seat and unpack  

What core emotion do you want them to feel?                                 What do they want?                                                                               How do I manage time?                
Who said you have to do it all yourself? 

What the f%&k am I doing? 
and why is the perfect place to be?   
How can I successfully outsource tasks?                                                                    
The golden rule for any course you do!                
How do I clone myself?                                                                          How do I achieve a healthier bottom line?   
Why am I so impatient?                                                      
Always remember the tortoise and the hare... 

#53 Membership Call 2021_06_24

Celebrate Members Wins 

How can you be found on YouTube?...Spiders/Keywords and samples of keywords needed for your video to rank. 

Are you relevant? 

Why is Mickey Mouse an attractive character?

Your opportunity to GROW your business is here

Why most deep wants and needs unconscious and unstated?

What has marketing got to do with dating? and  how is it the same as business? 

Do you know what your conscious intentions are?

What's sex got to do with it? 

The Challenge is set... 

Greatest advantage to a BLOT...  

Remember it is a promise not an accusation

Symbolism - The study of semiotics - how we make sense of what we are looking at 

Unpack of high revenue website  opt in and great copy.

#52  Membership Call 2021_06_17

With Paul Counsel

How do I put a group together?

The 5 step process Paul developed to build his business

The Referral System

Why are Videos important in today’s business?

How to use a language barrier to your advantage

The fastest way to money (Paul shared an example)

The Decision-making brain language process

I – Capture their attention

2 – Talk about their Me-Centric Needs/Desires

3 – Contrast

Paul’s challenge with crafted scripts

#51 Membership Call 2021_06_10 

Celebrate Members Wins...

From your lead magnet to a sale... a step by step walk through

The steps beneath the funnel, 

Asana as a project management tool and how it works. 

Airtable within a marketing campaign

Time lines

#50 Membership Call 2021_06_03 

Celebrate Members Wins 

The Importance of a Marketing plan

Shiva New Premises and action plan  

How to use video in your marketing plan

Dave plan of action re Videos for intro to book. 

CRM workflow  

Terri's Xmas in July - what needs to be in place for a Media and marketing plan

How to launch and market an event . 

The biggest mistake in marketing

Feedback mechanism whiteboard

#49  Membership Call 2021_05_27

Celebrate Members

Leeann Pamphlet feedback  
How to reverse engineer
Who is the Avatar?

Can you spot it?                  
What must always go in copy?

How to know when you are in your power feminine - a visual representation.

#48 Membership Call 2021_05_20 

Celebrate Members Wins...

What is the biggest block with your lead magnet?

Shiva's Website feedback...

(Tip: remember never delete your copy)

Lead magnet marketing unpack hot seat

What is Airtable? 

#47 Membership Call 2021_05_13 

Celebrate Members Wins                 
Shiva - Website home page unpack. 

What copy needs to  be on home page?

Headlines - to talk to your customer

Value Statement

Open Loop Questions

Is it best to add your price or not?

What booking calendar is best to use and how does it function. 

#46  Membership Call 2021_05_06

Celebrate members achievement

Zoom -  new use in presentations  

What is the best video editing software?

 Overview of Camtasia

Where are their details going in my CRM?

What is the best payment options  - for taking immediate deposits.

#45 Membership Call 2021_04_29 

Welcome new members 
Mindflex Monday calls   now available                        

How to send emails with Mailchimp
How to reconnect with an existing email list

How can I find a contact by first name DRIP

Unconscious competence - why there is no need to re invent the wheel

#44 Membership Call 2021_04_22 

Celebrate members                    

How do I get my CRM hyperlink to show up in emails colour. Video to watch
How to use personalised code (ie first name) to ensure same font as rest of email.                    

Getting too many emails re web security and how to change it
How to connect Paypal and DRIP to trigger campaign                                      
Not 100% sure of your Niche?
Live unpack on call

How do I send the first email to an old email list?      
The different types of emails.  

Is my promotional post working?    

#43 Membership Call 2021_04_15 

Welcome new members

How to do lead magnets -  without a website

Where to store you pre recorded Webinar

How to make a Hyperlink

Structure of a Funnel - for a shop front business

How to construct offers and add value

#42 Membership Call 2021_04_08 

Intro new members & celebrate wins
How to get the best video angles?

What do you believe is the #1 Block to entrepreneurial success? Discussion

"It's all about the money and it's never about the money"

 Dave:  story share re Money

#41 Membership Call  2021_04_01

Check in/Celebrate member's
How does automation work - what are the steps
How to plan a launch the big picture

The techy side - the automation, Sales page, pay pal, members area, CRM

What's the best Calendar app?

Why you should celebrate overwhelm...

The Urgency - is it yours or theirs

Facebook ads  - behind the scenes of our current campaign.

Q and A - FB ads

#40 Membership Call  2021_03_25

Your Money Code Q & A and Discussion:
How do we behave wealth/money into action?        

What is money? & why do we hesitate to take on a coach to learn this skill?  

Justin re Thomas Sowell - study re Poverty to affluence - what causes poverty.

Working hard & Entrepreneurship.                

Why do some people evolve more than others in a wealth perspective?                                

Where did conspiracy theory come from?  

The Entrepreneurial Spirit        Asked Paul - What are the big things you had to Veto out or focus on when you were building your business?  

Why we  position for approval                             
How ALL fear is forward looking.    
The oxygen mask - not positioning for approval.                                            
Wealthy V cash flow                    Worker self V business owner /Entrepreneur.    

Social engineering designed for Predictability, Conformity and Servitude      
Employer V employee  
Are we designed for instant gratification?                    

Nature V Nurture                          
The Marshmallow experiment.  

Developing nations and entrepreneurship

#39 Membership Call 2021_03_18

Acknowledgements: Sarah, Terri and Wendy Share from the E.E.Manifesto
Video Script feedback - Wendy's promo video script.

Turn Talent into Income - Presentation from Paul Counsel 
How do you view money?
Money code exercise 
Debt and social engineering      

How do we change our money Code
Psychology -

Why you have a poor time-money value...

The consumption code... What are you authoring into existence?                      
How to behave new money foundations

Ways to greater revenue...         Motivators deficiencies/trans formative and transcendence   
The formula to success - self directed neuroplasticity

How financial Freedom can be learned...                                      

The Transactional Economy     

Who developed the art of getting people buying what they don't need?

What is your money code?
Why knowledge and skills are your true value!                  

#38 Membership Call 2021_03_11

Introduction to our new member Dave

Video feedback Jaime feedback on video for next week event promo.
Nicole's feedback on video for lead magnet.  

Marketing Plans:
How to implement your Marketing plan including reverse engineering                    

Why you don't see your own value: The prevalence of unconscious competence 

#37 Membership Call  2021_03_04

Introduction to our new members  Nick and Kimberly.

What is the best timing for text on a video slide?         

Social Media Strategy: unpack of Carmel's #Promo post that worked... and feedback on Kimberly's message from the group.                   

Why you don't see your own value: The prevalence of unconscious competence

#36 Membership Call 2021_02_25

Manifesto check in and acknowledgement

 Video feedback - Terri and Nicole's feedback on video, the structure, capturing audience attention, what to change, and headlines.

Wendy - feedback on her Welcome video script, for her Homepage

#35 Membership Call 2021_02_18

Discussion of Airtable template and
work flow.

10 Simple ways to start a headline without using the words "how to"  - 
PDF, work shopping and feedback.
Airtable and posting schedule

#34 Membership Call  2021_02_11

Leeann - Table of Value and ways to present your services
How to add a podcast episode to a webpage.

Changes to the members page and where to find your affiliate link.

TerriTagline for her business, group brain storm.

How to do a high visibility
post on FB and how to get more interaction....                                                                                 

#33 Membership Call 2021_02_04

The importance of co-creation as an entrepreneur, and a reminder that this is a place where we can co-create with you!

Review of our recent webinar - framework, structure, and results!

Nicole - Procrastination, overwhelm, and feeling stuck with social media

#32 Membership Call 2021_01_28

Clarity on goals and how to with Wendy and Teresa clarity 

Nicci's experience of having to let a client go and what she learned

Techy help:

  • How to edit menu buttons
  • How to put a Pay pal button on a web page
  • How to ensure your website is mobile responsive
  • The pros and cons of contact forms on websites

#31 Membership Call 2021_01_21 

Announcing new branding and Manifesto for Exceptional Entrepreneurs

Calibrated questions detailed explanation and PDF below 

Nicole teaching how to change your Icon on your web page URL 

Justin - answers questions re audio settings and microphones

Calibrated Questions Explained PDF 

#30 Membership Call 2021_01_14

“How You Can Use Influence and Persuasion To Build a Profitable And Sustainable Business"  
with Paul Counsel

Nicci - How to adjust your WordPress menu? 

#29 Membership Call 2021_01_07 

Terri - email campaigns, workflows and how to send at email at a specific time, 

How to share music in Zoom while muting yourself

Asana templates

2020 Webinar Recordings

When we first launched in 2020 the membership was called Better Business Builders Network...

The new name Exceptional Entrepreneurs was announced in January 2021...

That's why on the following recordings you will see us reference the Better Business Builders name and branding.

Carmel & Sarah

#28 Membership Call 2020_12_17 

Zoom recordings Q

Drop box V One drive

How to add a new lead magnet on WordPress and lightbox opt in

GDPR plug ins

QR code generator


#27 Membership Call 2020_12_10

Zoom media permission pop up click here for instructions

FB pages and changing names

DRIP campaign and work flow

#26 Membership Call 2020_12_03

Amazon S3 - for content storage

Canva Templates - for Zoom background

Promoting an event - quick marketing plan

#25 Membership Call 2020_11_26 

Headline and copy structure for event. Live unpack

How to save videos from FB and re share as live


#24 Membership Call 2020_11_19 

How do I put my in person workshop online? Terri's question

#23 Membership Call 2020_11_12

End of year check-in to finish 2020

#22 Membership Call 2020_11_05

How do I get wordpress on my website? 

Thrive themes and Drip    

What webcam is best to use for content and lighting?

Social Media and content, and how to organise with Airtable        

#21 Membership Call 2020_10_29

How can I categorize my web-pages? - Using Tags
- Pods Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/

How can I adjust my PayPal button ?

How can I link my free PDF to Drip?

How can I customize a Word document's colors and formatting, so it can become my biz template?

A helpful video series for Word Styles...

#20 Membership Call 2020_10_22

Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner

Ubersuggest - keyword & competitors search tool

#19 Membership Call 2020_10_15

Paul Hot Seat Unpack - Wendy Target Market &  Teresa Target Market

Value Frame

Confidence V's Self-identity & Assertiveness

Positioning for approval

#18 Membership Call  2020_10_08

How to research your avatar online -

Sarah's Research Your Avatar Online PDF

#17  Membership Call 2020_10_01

Avatar, avatar, avatar - an overview and introduction!

#16 Membership Call 2020_09_25

SPAM & GDPR Guidelines - Nicole's PDF

WordPress Menus - overview

How to make a Pop up opt-in box on your website

BLOT video script hot-seat for Teresa

#15 Membership Call 2020_09_17

Do I brand items? - Terri

Info graphics and headings - Nicole

Funnel, opt in, and post purchase experience.

#14 Membership Call 2020_09_10

Tech Training: How to connect your opt-in page to your CRM

Step by step API connection between DRIP and THRIVE and your opt-in page lead form.

#13 Membership Call 2020_09_03

Tech Training: The 5 key copy components for your opt in page... and design tips on how to arrange them on your web-page.

Opt-in Page Cheat Sheet

#12 Membership Call 2020_08_27

Tech Training: How to build your opt-in page for your lead magnet using WordPress and Thrive Architect.

#11 Membership Call 2020_08_20

How to: Re Sarah's video of Feedback Mechanism

Jaime's unpack: How to frame an offer and Call To Action in a Facebook "promo" post

#10 Membership Call 2020_08_13

Zoom - How to set up registration, media permission, and templates.

Feedback Loops and subconscious codes - the how to.

Sarah's Feedback Mechanism Tutorial Video:

#9 Membership Call 2020_08_06

The Most Important Presentation Ever! - Paul Counsel
Signature thinking loops.
Subconscious codes.
Coding your new feedback mechanism.

#8 Membership Call 2020_07_30

How to write headlines
The importance of open reading loops.

Headline formula's: Step-by-step with practice

#7 Membership Call 2020_07_24

Biz Unpack Session: What problems do you solve?

#6 Membership call 2020_07_16

Hot-seat copy critique

#5 Membership call 2020_07_09

Hot-seat copy critique - Justin's Elephant Stamp headline!
Headline 90%
CTA 8%
Body 2%

#4 Membership call 2020_07_02

Opt-in pages - examples/types
The mechanics
Double opt-ins

#3 Membership call 2020_06_25

Deeper understanding of funnels
Terri's hot-seat funnel unpack
Sarah's evergreen funnel example

Terri's Whiteboard link

Sarah's Whiteboard link

#2 Membership call 2020_06_18
Complex Funnels explained
Opt-in pages explained

Paul's Funnel Image

#1 Membership call 2020_06_11
Simple Funnels explained
Opt-in pages explained

Bonus Webinars

Click the headings below to explore the content


The Psychology Of The Rule Of 3

Learn about the most influential number in marketing and how you can leverage it to your marketing and sales advantage.

How To Turn Fence Sitters Into High Paying Clients

Learn how to get customers and clients 'across the line' without being pushy, sleazy or slimy!

  • Distrust is a primal survival emotion
  • Why "no" is the most powerful answer.
  • The self-centric ego Vs. the aware-ego
  • How to use Calibrated Questions to lower resistance to your offer


If Money And Cashflow Are Important To You... Learn This Skill - Paul Counsel

The foundational concepts and principals of high-conversion copywriting.

#1 Business Tool You Need To Learn NOW So You Are Ready To Generate Higher Revenues Online - Paul Counsel

The foundational concepts and principals of high-conversion copywriting.

Write Better, Earn More! - Meetup Presentation

The basics of our go-to 6-step copywriting formula you can use almost anywhere to ensure your message is 'talking' to the right person, with an engaging message that highlights your value to them!

From Generic To Magnetic: How To Inspire THEM To Take Action With YOU!

This is Sarah's Lead Magnet Webinar.

Click Here To Sign-Up & Watch

It is a deep dive into the 6-Step copywriting structure we use, and a run through of an email example LINE BY LINE explaining HOW the copy was written for a specific Avatar and WHY it works.

This webinar also follows Russel Brunson's Perfect Webinar Script.


5 Steps To Uncover Your Lucrative Target Market

This is Carmel's Lead Magnet Webinar.

It is an introduction to HOW to determine WHO your ideal target market is, and the steps to define, refine, and start creating marketing content FOR them.

Click here to sign-up and watch



The Top 5 Videos To use In Your Marketing Now!

Watch this for content creation ideas and examples for video marketing - especially for your socials :)


How To Make A 'Shut-Up And Take My Money' Video

Free intro Webinar to video marketing and making 30-90 second promo videos!

Watch this for an overview of video marketing, observe the STRUCTURE we used for this webinar (following Russel Brunson's  Perfect Webinar formula), and the creation of an irresistible OFFER at the end.

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels Simplified - 1/2 Day Workshop

Everything you need to know about designing your funnel, the tech required at each stage, an overview of our funnel PLUS two case studies sorted-out step by step LIVE on the call!

Influence & Persuasion

An Introduction To Influence And Persuasion - Paul Counsel


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