How To Create Ethical, High Conversion Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your Sales And Increase Revenue...

Without Feeling Pushy, Salesy Or Out Of Integrity!

High Conversion Marketing Campaigns is a 2-Day online training to help you consistently get more customers and clients... while at the same time building your brand, your authority, and your like-know-trust factor.  You'll learn how to position yourself with an authentic message, and how to express this effectively via your marketing content.

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If you don't have as much money, time and freedom as you'd like in business and you’re wondering what you could do better, different or MORE of… to improve those results… then perhaps a quote from Einstein can help.

You have to learn the rules of the game and then play better than everyone else."

Here’s a question to consider:

Are you playing by the new rules of the new marketing game? 

Or are you playing by the out-dated “hustle till you make it” mantra, that keeps YOU scared to sell and causes customers to cringe when you’re near!

It’s no secret trying to convince people to buy from you is exhausting… and often embarrassing!

And I think we can all agree no one likes a pushy sales person!

And yet ‘sales’ is a core component of business. Without it… well… you don’t actually have a business!

But when money’s a bit tight, chasing leads, sales, and repeat business, can seem like the only answer to growing to the next profit level…

And there’s nothing worse than KNOWING you sound a bit phoney, try-hard, or sleazy as you stumble your way through a sale…

Because if your insides are cringing – well, theirs will be too!

It’s exhilirating when people WANT to buy from you without having to  painfully 'pitch' your product!

Who wouldn’t want that, right!?

Imagine people asking to purchase from you BEFORE you even enter an ‘official’ sales process.

Wouldn’t that be a game-changer for you?

Because it IS possible.

YES, even if you have zero sales experience, even if you’ve failed to convert customers in the past, even if you’re just starting out and don’t know what you’re doing…

The key to making this happen?

Stop relying on those EXTERNAL persuasion techniques a.k.a. the icky direct-sales process no one likes.

(…you know the ones most marketing gurus will push at their seminars)

Learn how to use Internal Persuasion
to your marketing advantage.

Why? Because internal persuasion will feel more NATURAL to you when you implement it… and feel more inviting and genuine to your audience when they hear it.

Internal persuasion is a fundamental part of a High Conversion Marketing Strategy to help you boost sales and increase revenue in a way that leaves you feeling confident… and 100% authentic…

And leaves your customers feeling respected, connected, and inspired to take action -with you!

These Are The 3 Core Phases Of
High Conversion Marketing Campaigns

  1. 1
    Getting your interest group invested in YOU.
  2. 2
    Building and nurturing the bond between you and them.
  3. 3
    Converting them into customers through internal persuasion.

We’ll be exploring these 3 phases in-depth when the renowned business and marketing mentor Paul Counsel takes the lead... specifically, to share his knowledge and wisdom with you and other savvy business owners, start-ups and budding entrepreneurs wanting to sell more WITHOUT the sleazy sales stress!

*Who is Paul? 
LinkedIn describes Paul as being in the top 1% 
of the most endorsed mentors in Australia for business strategy... 
you can read some epic testimonials from his mentees here.

Woohoo! Imagine selling more products and services than ever before – without feeling like one of ‘those’ cheesy, sleazy, salesy people!

Here's what you'll learn
about 'Feel-Good' Internal Persuasion:

  • How to get your target interest group to become emotionally invested in YOU, your value, your products and services.
  • How to nurture the bond between you and your audience without being over-the-top annoying in their inbox and newsfeed… and without feeling inauthentic and awkward whilst you do it!
  • What ‘seeding’ is and how to sow the seeds of ‘purchasing intent’ before you even mention something for sale… or introduce a premium price point!
  • How to control your ‘pre-framing’ influence and ensure they judge you for your insane value you offer… not anything cringey, sleazy, pushy, or desperate!
  • The difference between explicit and implicit decision making and how to influence sales through internal processes that make your interest group feel happier!
  • How to establish trust more readily and bond with your audience in such a way that they feel like they know you, like you and trust you before they baulk at any price tags or upsells!
  • Why traditional external persuasion tactics are super challenging in today’s social-climate and how this is negatively affecting your business reputation and profit results.
  • Why internal persuasion is soooo important to understand, and how perceived VALUE is the new currency for business success…

But it doesn’t stop there!

Now you’ve learnt the psychology behind High Conversion Marketing Campaigns… and increased sales… it’s time to dive into the actual PROCESS behind a successful campaign.

The action-steps you need to take all this new ‘knowledge’ and turn it into bigger and better results!
Bigger and better marketing CONTENT.

And you guessed it! They can be implemented across multiple online platforms – your channels to increased growth and profits but only IF you know how to utilise them wisely!

Otherwise creating daily content, posting, and waiting for organic growth… is not only a time sap… but an energy sap too.

There’s only so many hours in the day so it’s super important to ensure the marketing content you’re putting out there… is worth the effort and resources it takes to create. 
Are you with me!?

Revealed: The 3-Step High Conversion Marketing Process To Make It All Happen!

3-steps to simplify your marketing strategy

3-steps to eliminate wasting money, time, and energy on less-than-lucrative content

3-steps to laser focus all your marketing content directly towards your target audience (and your target revenue goals)!

Because if it’s not bringing in new customers and clients it’s simply not worth doing.  But you DO have to start somewhere...

3 Core Phases, and 3 Core Steps.

If this sounds manageable to you - keep reading!

Here's what you'll learn about 
The High Conversion Marketing Process
i.e. things you needed to implement yesterday!

  • How to successfully manage the two levels of affinity with your audience via your content and make the ‘marketing-magic’ happen online.
  • The 3 Core Messages you need to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, no matter how much you think they’ve heard it all before… say it again!
  • How to stimulate CORE primary emotions in your daily marketing content to create deep seated emotional and psychological anchors to you and your value.
  • The power of a good story… and the reason why your audience loves to hear yours (and theirs)!
  • How stories and metaphors help transition readers from observers to buyers without resistance or distrust sabotaging the process.
  • How to take all this new knowledge and create marketing content that works… without the headaches and stress around ‘what to post today’!
  • Examples of High Conversion Marketing content so you can see what you can go and create yourself… tomorrow!

All this for only $397

 When you join us for 2-days of High Conversion Marketing Campaigns online training 

Carmel Murphy

The Communication Queen

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you no longer have to ‘ask’ for the sale… when the exchange of their money for your value becomes an absolute no-brainer!

Sarah Lucy Rose
Cha-Ching Copy

Imagine no longer having to convince and push your services and products because you know a less stressful and more effective way of doing it… without feeling nervous, embarrassed, or awkward!

Paul Counsel

Money Mastery Mentor

Imagine rocketing your revenue because you learnt the NEW way to promote and connect in today’s social-media frenzied market… and put-to-bed the old ways that require a lot of ‘convincing’ from both you and your audience!

Times have changed… but your customer’s decision-making brain hasn’t!

Let’s go back to the 'buying-brain-basics' before all this pushy direct marketing and convincing people to buy got in the way of what actually works!

Then it’s simply a process of building on these results, testing and tweaking, honing in on your target audience, and growing your presence as someone worth following.

Using the The High Conversion Marketing 3 Core Phases and 3 Step Process you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

  • Beyond sleazy sales pitches… so you can get back to enjoying your business
  • Beyond chasing customers… so you can have them come to you - NO pushing!
  • Beyond endless posting and content creation... returning minimal conversions… so you can become more time, energy and cost effective with your marketing efforts

Now it’s your turn to access the power of INTERNAL persuasion and market YOU and YOUR business with new-found confidence and passion…

Marketing CAN Be A Feel-Good Part Of Your Biz!

You know, everyone says it’s ‘all about them’ (your customers) and it’s true up to a point…

But business is ALSO about YOU and your feelings.

There’s no escaping it. If you don’t feel ‘right’ it’s not going to flow, those sales aren’t going to come easily!

To focus on them, YOU have to feel good inside.

You have to feel OK with the process, with your actions, and with your marketing message.

You need to feel in integrity.

What better way to do it than using the INNATE brain’s processes in a genuine, respectful, and authentic way.

  • To get what you want – a business that pays the bills and funds a freedom lifestyle
  • And what they want – good quality solutions to their problems and desires

With no hard selling.

It’s possible.

And that's what you're about to learn on this training.

Simply click the button below for your ticket

And I'll see you there!

Carmel Murphy.


P.S. If you’ve never been to one of our events before, absolutely NO WORRIES! This is for all business builders no matter where you’re at with marketing, or what kind of business you run – we can get you up to speed no sweat!

P.P.S. How do I know what we're teaching works? Because Paul Counsel will take the lead on this training... and he's already built 4 multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.  Plus I've been using these strategies to grow my own business for the past few years. Ah yeah - it works ;)

P.P.P.S. Remember if you’re ready to create High Conversion Marketing Campaigns – without the icky feelings or self-doubts creeping in - click to save your spot now!


High Conversion Marketing Campaigns is a two day LIVE online training

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