“Now You Too Can Use The Lucrative Income System To Develop A Multiple 6-Figure Business You Can Be Proud Of!”

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There's nothing worse than not making good income when it comes to business

Whether you’re just starting out, or you're a few years in, if you don’t generate more profitable results, people start to wonder if you really know what you’re doing.

It’s not a good look, and it doesn’t make for impressive stories either… does it?

“I ran an event but nobody turned up” ... isn’t exactly a claim to fame you want to admit to is it?

Or how about the... “I launched my product and only my family and friends purchased it” truth.

And what about the... “No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to work like they said it would” experience.

After attending another seminar… after reading another ‘How To…’ book... 

You can be left feeling more confused and frustrated than ever!

BUT! When you have the right steps to follow, and the right support, you can achieve very profitable results in your business...

Look what happened to Nicci...

"When I first met Nicci, she had just given birth to a lovely daughter… her third child.

And as happy as she was while cradling her new baby… when we talked, I could sense that something wasn’t right.

The speed at which she spoke was sending a jumbled message… and there was a sound of distress in her voice.

At first, the contradiction didn’t make sense, I couldn’t match the joy of her new child with the angst in her voice.

A couple of coffees later, things started to make sense.

It turned out that Nicci's husband was a shift worker on a roster that had him working away from home for 4 weeks at a time and then returning to the family for 2 weeks then off again for another 4 weeks.

This sort of work schedule was difficult to handle but with her expanding young family, Nicci was experiencing a double whammy.

When she needed a break… her husband was often away working and she couldn’t call on her family because they lived on the other side of the country. Nicci felt isolated. She had already exhausted her friends' child minding generosity because they had their own families to take care of.

What Nicci was thinking of doing next was a terrible idea...

In order to solver her problem, Nicci was thinking about selling her house… moving across the country to where her family was and buying a new house there.

This meant her husband would have to fly from one side of the country to the other and back again every shift change.

Once I understood what was going on, I asked to see “the numbers”!

I wanted to know the costs of selling the existing house and purchasing a new one. I wanted to know what the relocation costs were. Because the market had turned down over the past few years, I wanted to know if there was a profit or loss on the existing house?

I wanted to know other numbers.

BUT…the numbers didn’t look good!

Nicci would take a loss on the existing house and pay $5K in marketing and $10K in commission for the privilege.

Then she’d have to pay moving and relocation costs, rent a new house on the other side of the country before finding a new house to buy.

Then of course, there’s stamp duty for the new house… about $20K. Then more rates, fees, insurances and it all added up.

Then there was the drama of changing schools for her two sports crazy sons... (if you've experienced this, you'll know exactly what I mean).

On the back of a napkin… I worked out that with the loss on the existing property, travel costs and costs in purchasing a new house... the move across the country would create a loss of $150K.

And this wasn’t good… especially for a young family trying to get ahead.

So I dug a little deeper.

I asked Nicci to explain more about what she was feeling as a young mother struggling to find the support she needed.

And that’s when an "opportunity" popped into my head.

I said, “Nicci, if this is a problem for you, it must be a problem for thousands of other families too!”

“So, instead of taking a $150,000 loss on moving from one side of the country to the other, why don’t you build a business that solves the dilemma you and thousands of other families are experiencing.”

I explained my Lucrative Income System and told Nicci I’d support her every step of the way.

Her face lit up and did a double take!!!

Suddenly a solution was available and Nicci flipped into a new set of possibilities.

Over the next few years, instead of taking a $150,000 loss… Nicci built a multi-six figure business by supporting people who were in a similar position as she was only a few years earlier.

Nicci became so successful, everyone wanted to know what her success model was.

In a few short years, Nicci had over 500 media interviews, won many awards as a young entrepreneur, was twice a finalist in Telstra Business Awards, met people from all over the world, was contacted by different industries and countries wanting to duplicate what she was doing and was head-hunted to stand for elections in Federal Politics.

Today… Nicci is very successful in a new career.

I believe you have a "Nicci" in you. Everyone does. Perhaps not exactly the same results... BUT... the ability to flip into a new set of possibilities for yourself.

All you need is the right system... and the right support."

Paul Counsel

If you're not getting the financial results you want from your business... it could be because you don't know the "right" steps to take. Proven steps that have worked over and over to achieve success.

And if you don't know what steps to take next, its easy to fall into the trap of thinking about getting a JOB and going back to work... 

...and that's a horrible thought... so let's not go there!

Perhaps you're getting a trickle in sales, and perhaps you know you’ve got immense value to share.  But when it comes to generating an income you can depend on… well that’s where so many people just like you get stuck.

Perhaps you’re still at a job, running your business on the side.

Or perhaps you’ve made the leap and are now in your business 100%... but the cash-flow is inconsistent, leaving you vulnerable to the unexpected.

In each case, the freedom you thought you’d have by now likely hasn’t eventuated … yet!

It's a common problem because of one simple fact...

In 20 years of helping business owners increase their cash-flow and profits… the problem they face when it comes to increasing their sales and profits, is something they all have in common:

They’re great at what they do…

BUT... when it comes to 'Money'... or 'Trying To Attract Larger Numbers Of Higher Paying Customers'... or 'Not Feeling Pushy In Sales'… or 'Not Feeling Like You're Sacrificing Your Values'… or 'Feeling Uncomfortable, Inadequate or Awkward' when asking people for money...

people generally don't know what to do next.

It results in playing small and keeping "safe"!

Perhaps you’ve experienced similar feelings.

And when you think about the "flow on problems” from small and safe, you realise there’s a number of them...

Not the least being the stress that low income places on you and your dreams...

Your bills, your debts, your mortgage etc don't go away just because you're not making as much as you thought you would... and that's a worry isn't it?

And what about the internal stress that's always with you. It’s the pressure you put on yourself when you think… “I’m not good enough”… or “how can I face people if I'm not successful”… or “I’m a failure if I can't make this happen”.

Of course, none of these are true. And although you might accept them in the moment when you’re feeling the pressure… ultimately, they’re not true.

It’s just that you’ve probably put years of training and thousands of dollars into learning how to be good at what you do.

But being good at what you do is only one side of business success.

Wherever you did your qualifications or training... my guess is that an equal amount of training in "How To Double, Triple, Or Quadruple The Number Of Customers You’re Getting"… or… "How To Ethically Attract Enough High Paying Clients So You Can Have A Multiple Six Figure Business That You Can Be Proud Of"... was not offered to you as part of the curriculum.

Nor did you learn anything about the psychology of the "money exchange process".

Some people call it "selling"... but selling is an old school term that generally doesn't honor the best interests of your clients.

And that's the problem... you spent years being good at helping others... but nobody trained you in a step by step system that decreases rejection and makes ethical sales inevitable. 

In the Lucrative Income System, you'll discover a process that puts your clients first. And when you do that, they'll happily enroll themselves into your programs or services. 

You just need to have a very different style of conversation that's open, natural, honest, and helpful.

Here's an important observation...

Anyone who's ever been successful in business started at the lower end of the spectrum. At some point, they were unsuccessful too.

It’s what they did next that sets them apart from business owners who continue to struggle.

After they became good at what they did, they turned their attention to learning effective strategies and "step by step" processes of becoming more successful in business.

They learned how to enrol by having open, natural, honest, and helpful conversations either written or spoken.

They learned how to help people explore what Aristotle called 'a life well-lived'.

They designed marketing campaigns that attracted customers who recognise true value…

And when it came to sales, instead of feeling awkward, pushy or guilty, they understood the "value exchange" and felt confident, centered and authoritative.

They learned that by communicating and demonstrating "true value"... buying simply became a natural part of the value exchange process. Buying becomes a natural consequence of the value you offer.

That's why I built the Step By Step Lucrative Income System...
Now you can learn to do exactly what successful business people have done over the years!

By positioning your solutions as a perfect fit for your customers desired outcomes, you don't have to "sell"... because your customers' happily buy!

With the right support, business can be exhilarating, exciting and life-changing

But in order for your business to work like this, you have to find answers that work.

Proven answers to questions like:

How do you navigate the building process to come out on top in the long run?
How do you get those 6-figure incomes others are already enjoying… sooner rather than later?
How do you do it in a way that will silence your doubts and doubters and take the pressure off your shoulders?

The good news is you’re about to discover a way to do just that.

A way to gain more clarity so you can conduct business with more clarity and confidence ... (and profits)!

Just imagine...

 if you had access to the same business mentor Nicci used (without the extraordinary fees)...
 if you used the same system Nicci used to generate more profitable results…
… if you accessed a success model NO ONE ELSE is teaching and decided to commit 100% to your 6-figure success…

Well now you can. Its exactly what you get when you enroll in the Lucrative Income System today.

The Lucrative Income System

The Lucrative Income System is designed take you from struggle to success following four
“Boost My Business Now!” Blueprints.

The same four blueprints Nicci used to generate her extraordinary success and income...

The same four blueprints I developed to create multiple six and seven figure businesses four times over the past 15 years.

Each blueprint consists of 4 recorded webinars, located in a members only area. Where you can access them anytime.

They're your step-by-step map to a business you can finally feel proud of!


Work through them week by week - and start applying them to you and your business as you go.

Access The Four "Boost My Business Now!" Blueprints


Blueprint #1: Lucrative Interest Groups & Controlling Value

Module 1: Identifying Lucrative Interest Groups

  • Your number 1 way to stop chasing dollars and customers - by focusing on a group of people with a high potential of WANTING what you have on offer.

Module 2: Strategies To Identify Your Lucrative Audience

  • How you can start to define and refine your target audience (and ensure they're lucrative)
  • The questions to ask yourself if you're struggling to KNOW what direction you want to head and business... and who you could help the most.
  • The 4 Core Action Steps to ensure you're communicating VALUE to this target audience.

Module 3: Controlling Your Value

  • How to position yourself as 'the prize' and control the perception of your value.
  • How to introduce yourself and what you 'do' through a lucrative value frame.
  • The difference between being an employee in your business (the worker)... and the employer (the money maker)...
  • The 3 questions to answer so you can craft a lucrative value frame that resonates with you and your audience.
  • The 4 Core Action Steps to ensure you're controlling your value frame!

Module 4: Value Filtering

  • The key lucrative CRITERIA for an audience that will happily exchange money for your product/service.
  • The importance of COMPETITION in the market place and why it's a good thing to have active competitors!
  • “The person who chases two rabbits catches neither.” - Why Confucius should be at the forefront of all your marketing efforts!
  • The 4 Core Action Steps to filter your audience and ensure they're ticking the lucrative criteria!


Blueprint #2: Systems & Leverage

Module 1: Lucrative Customer Parade

  • The biggest MISTAKE emerging entrepreneurs make and how to avoid it.
  • The 4 categories of business people WANT to spend money with… are you in one of these?
  • How to meet people at their ‘urgency gateway’ and invite them to act on your offer.
  • The importance of attunement in your marketing - with the right message, to the right person, at the right time!

Module 2: Define Your Transformative Value

  • How to define your value solution with words that inspire action.
  • How to leverage your value through a signature system so you can charge premium prices (without scaring them off!)
  • The huge difference between content, and marketing, and why it’s crucial to your success!

Module 3: Authority, Influence And Persuasion

  • How to enroll new customers using outcome specific language that THEY understand...
  • How to persuade your ideal avatar without being sleazy... and how to influence them without being pushy...
  • The 3 step template you can use tomorrow to do this!

Module 4: Leveraging Your Value

  • The advantage of systemisation and why it’s necessary for 6-figure incomes.
  • How to name your system so it’s irresistible to your lucrative avatar.
  • The 6 steps to systemise your value and create a signature programme (people will buy)!


Blueprint #3How To Stimulate Client Engagement

Module 1: Activating Engagement

  • The 5 stages of positive engagement explained.
  • How to speak to the 'solution-seeking brain' to activate engagement during strategy calls with clients.
  • The importance of knowing your selection criteria when it comes to enrolling clients!
  • Key questions to ask during a strategy call to ensure they're more likely to take action with you.

Module 2: Getting To Yes More Often

  • How to transition from asking questions... to offering your solution!
  • The power of a PAUSE when it comes to saying your price!
  • How to be ready to handle the The 4 Objections.. and respectfully work with them (no push or hard sell here!)
  • Why it's important to get a decision... and not leave possibilities hanging!

Module 3: Mastering Attunement

  • Why an invitation will work so much better than a hard sell… and help avoid those icky feelings.
  • A deep-dive into the 5 stages of positive engagement so you feel confident next time you talk with a prospect!
  • The internal questions people are grappling with whilst listening to you - and how to ensure you address them authentically.
  • Module 4: Neuro-Architecture of Buying Decisions
    • The exact sequence of steps you must take the decision brain through in order to positively influence more buying decisions.
    • How to use the 6 core elements of the decision brain's language structure and how to effectively apply this knowledge to double, triple or even quadruple your sales and profits.
    • Why... Attention, Contrast, Me Centricity, Tangibility, Emotion & Imagery are critical to profitable copy, better marketing and increased sales.


    Blueprint #4. Developing Your Lucrative Cash Flow Packages

    Module 1: Lucrative Cashflow

    • How to overcome one of the biggest hurdles to generating lucrative incomes using the secret of value reappraisal.
    • How Paul generated $72,000 in the first year, $1.8m in the second year and $3.4m in the third year simply by using this secret.
    • How to become more valuable to your audience and why it’s super important to develop mastery and excellence in your niche (even if you’re only a few steps ahead)!
    • The powerful roles of Seeding... Discovery... and Transitioning when it comes to systemising your value, and establishing intimacy and trust.

    Module 2: Creating High Value Products

    • How to package your value in a way that suits both YOU and your avatar.
    • A new way to look at pricing and overcoming the fear of charging too much!
    • The unique value of intangibles and how you can integrate these successfully into your high-end products.

    Module 3: Designing Your Income Plan

    • Why change is so hard, and what is required to enable those lucrative results to happen.
    • The importance of clarity, focus, and patience when designing your income plan.
    • Understanding the financial and psychological upper limits you’ll hit… and how to successfully navigate beyond them to achieve the income you want!
    • An example of a 5-stage million dollar income plan you could aim for!

    Module 4: The Direction of Cash Flow

    • How to close the gap between where you are now… and where you want to be.
    • How understanding the psychology of motivation will help you achieve more lucrative incomes.
    • The 3 critical factors to develop your raw capacity and achieve extraordinary results.
    • The two economies at play and how to take advantage of both in your business.

    "Each Blueprint is packed full of step-by-step business boosting value!"

    24/7 access

    You’ll have access to the webinars and bonus content in your VIP members area. 

    Downloadable MP4s

    Save them to your device so you can watch them anywhere!

    4 Proven Blueprints

    Gain immediate access - then work through them at your pace!

    Trusted Mentor

    Paul Counsel delivers his proven blueprints - the exact ones he used to build his own multi-million dollar businesses!

    All this for just $497

    When you invest in you and your business... your results change and grow. Then you’re investing in a future of awesome holidays and adventures you can afford - whenever you want!

    Sound good?

    Enrollments CLOSED for 2021, please email carmel@thecommunicationqueen.com.au for all 2022 inquiries

    Remember the Lucrative Income System isn't designed for just anybody - but its perfect for you if...

    • You have an existing business or you’re in the start-up process…
    • You want to build a business you can be proud of (and others will love).
    • You’re ready to learn and apply new strategies to make it happen.
    • You want to recruit quality leads... customers... and repeat business so you can profitably share your value with others.
    • You’re determined to breakthrough any profit-limits or income-barriers to get to 6-figures or more!
    • You need more consistent cash-flow and less money stress.
    • You’re tired of paying for amateur advice that DOESN’T work.
    • It’s time to access an expert… that others swear by.

    And if:

    • You want to get your message seen, heard and bought by the right people, at the right time.
    • You're looking for a new way to grow your business and don't want to get into more debt to do it.
    • Your existing marketing and sales skills are holding you back from profiting more.
    • You're in a competitive niche and want to stand-out as the "go-to authority" even against the most cashed-up and experienced rivals!

    Can you imagine?

    Imagine... no longer stressing about your lack of leads, customers and cash-flow… because more people want to work with YOU!

    Imagine... becoming an expert at getting more people to say “yes!” to your offers more often.

    Imagine... everyday you become more successful, you begin paving your way to your 6-figure freedom!

    Imagine... how chuffed you'll feel when others start asking 'how did you do it?' and asking you for your help!

    Wait... is this really possible?

    Yes it is… I developed this system so I could achieve my own success. When I started business... I also had a full time job paying $52,000 per year. Working part time in my business, I used this system to grow my turnover by 152% over my job income in the first year and then a further 2337% within the second twelve months. 

    And when people started asking me, "how did I do it?" I showed them the exact same steps I was using and how they could use them too. 

    It's exactly what I showed Nicci.

    Imagine if you achieved a fraction of this growth... it would be worth every minute you invested.

    Imagine achieving 20% of this growth.

    It would make a massive difference right!?

    If you keep applying each step I'll teach you... and leveraging your knowledge at YOUR speed ... your number of successful days will increase and your unsuccessful days will decrease.

    There really is no limit to what you can achieve when you surround yourself with the right people, the right steps, and the right support, at the right time!

    Here’s what others have to say about working with me…

    Scott Morris


    Charmaine Thring

    Charm Marketing

    Nicci Ashby

    High-Profit Media

    Elizabeth O'Brien

    …Paul Counsel is a unique talent. He has a crystalline charisma and enthralls his audience with his dynamic and powerful approach. He is a natural motivator, a bit of soothsayer and incredibly inspirational. He reminds us of how we can rekindle our passions and look at our world through fresh eyes.

    Paul confirmed what I have always believed: that we are capable of achieving all kinds of goals - physical, personal, financial, emotional, professional, social and spiritual...”

    Kevin Staffa

    Despite my demanding work-load running my own commercial law practice I committed to undertake both of Paul’s programmes throughout 2014. I can say without doubt that although it’s been a confronting journey it has been of priceless value.

    “Not only have Paul’s courses given me new skills and new hope, I’ve got renewed enthusiasm and drive. I have more certainty, and the side benefit of the camaraderie of working with like-minded people who are taking the same journey.

    “I’ve achieved a lot, already, but with what I have learned from Paul this is only the beginning.”

    Loraine Martin

     The further I get into the course, the more I realize how surrounded I am by the herd mentality, and yet I have spent most of my life taking advice from the herd. It is so refreshing to sit in front of someone who has not only been there and achieved what I myself am trying to achieve in financial freedom, but who also recognizes all of the behaviours and thought processes that stop most people from achieving it. The awareness that this has brought into my life, realizing how much I don’t know about what I don’t know about, has only heightened my eagerness to learn and I am realizing how important continual learning will be to live a life of real abundance in every area…”


    Resources to get you ahead!

    When The Lucrative Income System was first launched - it was a live training program.
    For VIP Platinum members there were extra bonuses but they had to pay significantly more...
    Not this time!

    Now everything's recorded and available to EVERYONE who enrolls
    *YES! Today you're getting Platinum content for FREE*

    Bonus 1
    Influence & Persuasion
    Audio Master Class

    Listen to the Money Mastery Mentor in action during 8 of his Money Mastery seminars. Dive deep into the profit-pulling power of being able to get what you want with ease and authenticity! 

    Bonus 2
    Ten Steps To Wealth
    Audio & eBook

    By age 65 approximately only 3% will achieve financial independence... soo... what can you do to change it!? Follow the 10 steps and you'll emerge with a renewed sense of hope, optimism, and a step-by-step plan for 3% Acceleration!

    Bonus 3
    Access To Platinum Q&A

    On these calls we dived deeper into all aspects of the Lucrative Income System - relating it specifically to real-life businesses and scenarios. Lean in and glean advanced insights and wisdom to start APPLYING everything you're learning sooner.

    About Paul Counsel
    The Money Mastery Mentor

    Having built four multi-million dollar businesses for himself, Paul Counsel is now focused on passing his skills and support onto emerging entrepreneurs, consultants and business owners determined to achieve greater levels of success for themselves.

    Paul is an author, mentor and business leader. He is also one of LinkedIn's most endorsed business strategy mentors. Paul’s knowledge of business building and high conversion marking insights are second to none, when it comes to making your business work for you.

    "I proudly host Paul Counsel on this training to share his epic business building knowledge with you!"

    Carmel Murphy

    Count me in - I've missed so many opportunities and I never want to miss one like this again!

    Remember Nicci?

    Remember her amazing story of achievement… from exhausted mum, and overwhelmed wife to two-time Telstra Business Award finalist, and sought-after media mogul!

    Do you have belief in yourself that with the right support, you can massively improve the results you're getting?

    Can you imagine what was running through Nicci's head when Paul expanded her thinking... especially when it came to making one of the biggest decisions of her life?

    To move across the country, or not.

    To grow a business when she didn't know how, or not.

    To connect with others just like her, or not.

    Maybe it was objections like:

    Who am I… to THINK I can help others when I’m struggling myself…?

    What about my friends, family, my kids, my husband… what are they going to think of me taking this leap of faith with Paul…?

    Where do I even start building a business do I even have the energy to try?

    How long is this going to take and can we even afford to do it?

    Why am I feeling excited about this opportunity… yet apprehensive and scared at the same time…?

    Now picture how DIFFERENT life would be if Nicci had let anyone of these questions stop her from taking action with a new success model.

    When you look back-in time it’s easy to conclude. She made the right decision to follow the Lucrative Income System and work with Paul! Right?

    BUT... looking forward... its never that easy is it...

    So is this your time now?

    Is it time for you to make an important decision too. Become a Lucrative Income System student or not.

    To help, let’s just consider the risks of NOT accessing a new success model such as this…

    What if you…

    • Miss out on learning one of Australia’s TOP business strategy and marketing mentors…
    • Spend another year of chasing your own tail wondering what you should be doing differently… comparing yourself against others already achieving the success you want.
    • Experience continued stress, worry and pressure about growing fast enough to cover the costs and demands you’re responsible for…
    • Keep second guessing your ideas and direction… jumping from one ‘bright-shiny’ thing to another never quite mastering anything but feeling exhausted whilst you do it…
    • Can’t escape those less-than-impressive results you don’t really want to tell your friends or ex-workmates about…
    • Always feel isolated in your efforts and alone with your overwhelming “to-do’” list.
    • End-up with a repeat of the last 12 months income… or worse!

    It doesn’t have to be this way...

    • Follow the four “Boost My Business Now!” Blueprints and start applying everything you learn to your business in real time.
    • Devour the bonus resources and ask any questions you like in our Better Business Builders Facebook group!
    • Start to SEE and FEEL the difference when you access the wisdom of someone who loves building multi-million dollar businesses!

      The Lucrative Income System is the foundation of a successful 6-figure business.
      Apply everything you learn to successfully turn your PASSION into PROFIT with clarity, confidence and flair!
    • The THRIVE Results Conversion Formula
      Discover the REAL way to achieve your goals - throw everything you've learnt about "mindset' out the window when you watch this training! 
    • The Free Ride Bias Success Brake
      Why it prevents you from creating more time... more money... more freedom... and what you can do about it before it's too late!
    • The 8 Principles For Excellence
      Get ready to embrace these key paradigm shifts to blow your current results out of the water!

    Count me in - because now I'm ready to grow!

    I believe in The Lucrative Income System so much that you have my personal 
    "Peace Of Mind"... "Hassle Free"... 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    I can't guarantee that you'll get the same % income growth I got or that my results are typical. Nor can I guarantee that you'll become as successful as Nicci... or Scott... or anybody else I work with.

    I can't guarantee it because I don't know how much you believe in yourself, or the amount of commitment you have to learning, or the amount of effort you're willing to put in.

    But here are some things I can guarantee...

    I can guarantee your choice.

    Sometimes we make choices we later regret. If you decide to come onto The Lucrative Income System... and if after 30 days you decide that you've made the wrong choice... I'll give you my"Faster Than NBN Speeds" total refund.

    You'll get it as soon as I get your request... and you won't have to jump through hoops or experience long delays.

    I can guarantee your investment in learning.

    If you decide to join The Lucrative Income System... and if after 30 days you decide that it doesn't suit the direction you want to head in... I'll give you an "Opps Its Not For Me" total refund.

    I can guarantee your investment in me.

    I believe in the Lucrative Income System so much because the Step by Step process has proven itself over and over in different niches, in different economies and in different countries. If after 30 days you decide that you're not gelling with the content... or that you don't have time to do the work... or you don't even know why you don't like it... I'll give you a "You Don't Even Need A Weird Reason Why" total refund.

    More importantly...

    I can guarantee that The Lucrative Income System is the same step by step system that helped me build four multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up.

    I can guarantee that the system works IF... you work the system.

    I can guarantee that while you're on this programme, you can ask me any question you want to help you with ideas, clarification and understanding in our private Facebook group.

    And I can guarantee that I will answer them with the best of my 20 years of experience.

    Paul Counsel

    Enrollments CLOSED for 2021, please email carmel@thecommunicationqueen.com.au for all 2022 inquiries

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