Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs & online marketers...

Create Highly Influential Videos

Using This SIMPLE Online Video Maker 
Even The Most Allergic To Tech Can Master!

Saturday 7th August 2021, 9am - 3pm AWST

Everywhere you look VIDEO is taking off!

Social media, stories, lives, sales funnels, online courses… even emails! Video is where it’s at for marketing your BIZ.

Video is KEY to getting your message, seen, heard, and ENGAGED with by the right people.


Looking for a quick, easy, FUN way to create videos?

Videos... you can use over and over again in your campaigns to drive traffic to your offers...

Videos... that get your ideal market HOOKED on you and your value...

Videos... that make you LOOK like the qualified expert you are!?

All is revealed in this workshop when we get hands-on with a SIMPLE yet POWERFUL online video maker that's cheap-as-chips... but will deliver unrivaled VALUE for your time and money.

That's right... we've done the time consuming task of comparing and trialing all the different companies out there trying to sell you video making 'whizz-bangs' you don't need.

And we've finally found it!

For quick, easy promo videos...

  • To fill webinars and workshops
  • To sell events and programs
  • To attract high value clients and customers

You only need this ONE online video maker...

And we'll teach you step-by-step how to make a stand-out videos like these:


Everything you need to begin creating videos

  • Using a simple online video maker you can learn in a day
  • Without needing to put your face to camera
  • No expensive videographers or equipment required!

1-Day Online Workshop:

Saturday 7th August 2021, 9am - 3pm AWST

Here's What You'll Gain:

Step-By-Step From Start To Finish How To Create Your First Video

Your first video done in a day! Sound good? We'll walk you through the creation, from choosing the format, importing a script, making the video match your branding, creating FANCY animation and transitions, fine-tuning video edits and making it look pro... even how to export it and upload it to socials! All recorded for you to come back to ANYTIME you might forget a step...

LIVE Help & Feedback & Copy'n'Paste Script

Here's what we've learned: It's challenging to learn the tech - when you're worried about the words at the same time! To keep you focused we'll gift you a done-or-you-script to practice with. Take the pressure off getting the words perfect and lets have FUN making a creative, dynamic, and ENGAGING video together! Get stuck? Ask us anything... anytime... and we'll share screens and help you fix it!


No need to start from scratch we'll show you how to access THOUSANDS of pre-designed templates... flexible enough to suit ANY type of marketing campaign or advertising need. PLUS we'll show you how you can create your own from scratch if you've already got something in mind... AND ensure you can find your favourite templates again, and again. TEMPLATES save you HOURS. We'll show you how to choose the best ones for all your get-cash-in-the-door-now needs!


THIS IS THE BEST ASPECT OF THIS VIDEO MAKER! It has direct access to iStock, Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels and many more: All under ONE roof! Nope you don't have to go searching elsewhere for HOURS AND HOURS to find that perfect image or video. Simply search the in-built library and DRAG and DROP it where you want! Same for music - it's organised in 'moods' - so you'll find that perfect beat or instrumental to support the visuals... POWERFUL emotive ENGAGING audio and visuals without any hassle!

Here's What To Expect:

One day. One Zoom link. One of the best creative experiences online!

YES! You'll have LIVE step-by-step training of our go-to video making software.

You'll learn how to create quick kinetic-text with stock-video compilations!

NOPE - no big-boy editing suites taught in this workshop (phew!) 

Simple plug-'n'-play options only (perfect for the less-techy among us)!

FACT: No one has EVER walked away from this workshop WITHOUT knowing how to make a video!

All recorded so you can keep making videos beyond the workshop!

Soon you'll know how to make videos like this:

...or book in your VA or biz partner and we'll teach them how to do it instead ;)

Increase revenues by using videos in your marketing and sales…

The further you move into 2021, the more your ability to influence is going to depend on video.

If you want predictable revenue growth, if you want more exposure and higher conversions… there’s no substitute to the low-cost high benefit medium of video.

In terms of generating higher revenues, the truth is that you don’t need to be a great net-worker, coach or consultant in order to generate your first five or six-figure monthly income.

And you don’t need to slave away for 100’s or 1000’s of hours before you make in one month what most people make in a year.

Increasing your sales and revenues with video is easier than you might believe...

Videos help you generate leads with people because you can design them to showcase the real value you offer.

But if you’re not using video, you’re not sharing your value with an increasing number of people.

And instead of constantly growing your revenues, they slow down and plateau.

Simply put, you’re out marketed by those who use video.

But with video, and a few simple template scripts to follow, you can do as expert marketer Neil Patel suggests… increase your sales’ conversions by 144%!

One of the reasons why video works so well as a medium for persuasion is because more people prefer “watching” to “reading”....

Here’s why video works…

In an age of distraction and increasing busyness that competes for your attention and time… there’s no higher currency for a businessperson than engagement.

With digital media… engagement is everything and engagement means videos.

Nothing engages quicker than video. Consumers would rather watch 2 minutes of video than read 15 minutes of text.

And as an audio/visual species, humans are attracted to videos more than any other form of digital communication because we find video more engaging and entertaining than text.

Our brains find visual content easier to process than written text and we can remember visual imagery easier than written text.

Engagement means eyes on your videos, eyes on your web pages, and eyes on you. Engagement means increased opportunities to offer your value and increase your revenues.

But if you’re the sort of person who dreads being in front of a camera… or the idea of learning how to make videos… don’t worry because there is a solution.

There’s a simple inexpensive software that can do the heavy-lifting for you. With hundreds of pre-made templates, a massive library of of stock images and videos AND music to help you make promo style videos fast!

We’ll teach you how to use this simple video software where you don’t have to be on camera.

All you need is an easy way to get videos to work quickly and effectively for you. And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn.

High conversion video marketing is one of the most valuable entrepreneurial skills you can learn.

It’s more important than any other sales medium.

Video has shifted from a sales option, to an absolute must.

Nothing can match it as a means of storytelling, conveying your value and marketing the benefits of what you do for your clients.

And because video drives revenue growth, in the years to come, as a serious entrepreneur, you must use video if you want to reach higher income goals.

Video creation is rapidly becoming a skill driving revenues of successful entrepreneurs all over the world...

But if you struggle with new tech - we've got your back on this one!

Making videos doesn't have to be daunting, confusing, overwhelming, or a "I'm never showing anyone that!" disaster!

Videos are profit levers you just can't afford to ignore going forward...
So lets get your skills up to speed so you can take advantage of them in your sales and marketing funnel too!

 A quick glance at these stats will show you the importance of using video in your sales processes.

  • As a marketing tool… video use is up 63% from 2018. (Hubspot)
  • 60% of people surveyed prefer online videos than television. (Google)
  • 75% of video watching is done on mobile devices. (eMarketer)
  • 95% of a message is retained when seen on video compared to 10% when read via text. (Insivia)
  • Watching video rather than reading text is the preference of executives. (Wordstream)
  • 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service via video. (HubSpot)
  • 92% of video watching on mobile is shared with others. Text is seldom shared. (Wordstream)
  • Its estimated that by 2020, close to 1 million minutes of video will be crisscrossing the internet per second. (Cisco)
  • 65% of people searching for solutions use YouTube to help them solve a problem or learn something new. (Google)

 Get Ahead With Video In 2021

Increase Your Engagement, Conversions and Revenues… 
And Create More ‘Right Client’ Exposure Through Video!

  • Using a simple online software you can learn in a day
  • Without needing to put your face to camera
  • No expensive videographers or equipment required!

Saturday 7th August 2021

Remember: Here's What You'll Gain:

Step-By-Step Instruction to create your first video in ONE day.

LIVE Screen-Share & A Copy'n'Paste Script to ensure you're never left behind

4000+ TEMPLATES so you never start from scratch and always feel inspired!

9M+ ROYALTY FREE MEDIA to drag'n'drop from the built-in library!

Remember: Here's What To Expect:

One day. One Zoom link. One of the best creative experiences online!

YES! You'll have LIVE step-by-step training of our go-to video software program.

You'll learn how to create quick kinetic-text with stock-video compilations!

NOPE - no big-boy editing suites taught in this workshop (phew!) 

Simple plug-'n'-play options only (perfect for the less-techy among us)!

FACT: No one has EVER walked away from this workshop WITHOUT knowing how to make a video!

All recorded so you can keep making videos beyond the workshop!

Videos give you credible exposure when it comes to offering your products and services to a specific audience.

Entrepreneurs in the business of helping people satisfy desires with valuable solutions… and who use video on social media and other platforms… generally earn more because they’re able to charge premium fees for the services they offer.

  1. 1
    Over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day.
  2. 2
    Videos attract more high-quality leads. They can increase your closing ratios by a factor of 68%. (2019,
  3. 3
    According to HubSpot, Animoto and YouTube… 45% of people watch more than an hour of video on YouTube and Facebook each week… (Jun, 2019)

The absence of this skill means that revenues plateau and fail to reach the levels that give you more control, certainty and predictability over lifestyles of independence and freedom.

Here’s an interesting stat… 83% of marketers surveyed said that they’d increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (Buffer)

This is exactly what this workshop is going to do for you.

It’ll remove obstacles to video making and it’ll shorten the time it takes.

And you’ll learn how to produce quality video marketing on an extremely low-budget!

That's Right!

  • We’ll show you how to make quick promo-style videos your audience will love.
  • We’ll show you how to use our go-to creating software to make your videos more engaging...
  • You'll get an example video script you can use straight away to practice creating videos using the software DURING the workshop!
  • During the training, you’ll be practicing along side us so you'll get expert feedback on how you can improve the visual design of your videos to ensure they hit the mark every time!

By the end you'll know exactly how you too can make HUNDREDS of slick "Shut Up And Take My Money" marketing videos just like these...

In video, the goal is simple… quickly give viewers exactly what they're looking for.

What prospects are looking for will depend on the service or products you offer. And if you truly understand who your ideal client is… videos make it easy to give them what they’re looking for.

It could be something as simple as answering two or three important questions. Or quickly explaining how you help people get the outcomes they want.

Video doesn’t have to be challenging to produce. And high conversion video doesn’t mean high cost!

Using video in your marketing is not a passing phase… it’s a must…

Research indicates that in 2020 and beyond, 80% of all internet content will be some form of video. (Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 2017–2022 White Paper)

You’ll really love the hands-on nature of this workshop. And even better… you’ll love the new revenue streams you’ll be able to develop...

Let's Go!

Your investment in this training is just $297 and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

What online software is taught during this workshop?

Invideo is the best value-for-money and easiest to use we've found.

To get started is easy because it offers a 7-day free trial.

Then, if you love it - we'll gift you an exclusive 50% discount on the full version!

That's no more than $5 a month to create as many videos as you desire!

Sound good?

(All details will be emailed to you before the workshop).

Saturday 7th August 9am-3pm AWST

Here's what some of our recent attendees have to say... 

Gail Walker

I had that thought in my head that it's not for me, but I had a go, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it... I can see the possibilities now!

Sharon Bartley

I learned a lot from everybody as well, and that was really valuable. Being able to share the screens, and sometimes, people were having the same issues that I was having, and it got sorted at the same time...

Justin Paul

I really loved the idea that you can actually make videos and you don't necessarily need to incorporate you, your face.

Let’s recap what you’ll receive during this workshop…

  • Where to get hundreds of free video clips, with full use rights
  • Lots of LIVE video creation (that doesn't require you on camera!)
  • Basics of video editing software to make videos more engaging
  • Income generating video marketing strategies and tactics
  • Examples of our successful marketing videos
  • Free trial and inexpensive video making software that won't break the bank!
  • How to communicate your true value to more customers via quick, simple, videos

You’ll have access to everything you need to begin creating high conversion marketing videos for more predictable revenue streams.

Last chance to make video your most effective online marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond!

On purchase you will be emailed all the details you need to join us on the workshop!

(Yes! Recording available after the workshop)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Carmel Murphy 

The Communication Queen


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