Improving your workplace communication

Hospitality Consulting

Tips and tools for more effective communication in the Hospitality workplace and how to have Fun doing it


We offer obligation FREE analysis of the communication abilities within your business that allows us to show you exactly where we could streamline the communication skills of your staff and drive better performance within your team and ultimately- your business.

If your a business owner or manager in the hospitality industry then take me up on my offer whilst we have the availability..


  • Are you  playing catch up because you are always too busy?
  • Do you find it difficult to “get through” to some people?
  • Finding yourself with constant headaches dealing with communication issues that shouldn’t exist? 

The Communication Queen is a specialist provider of Effective Communication training, skills development, and coaching niching in the Hospitality industry.

We expertise in:

  • Profiling your workplace and staff members to allow you to strategically manage and implement your teams more effectively than ever before.


  • Providing you key insights, techniques and strategies into managing and cultivating your work teams that allow you to drive productivity.


  • Coaching groups or individuals.


  • Workshop facilitation and customised workshop if per client request.


  • Management coaching.  

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