“How To Use Video To Increase Your Product Sales By 144%”

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September 19th & 20th, Sat & Sun

Red Stag Fulfillment’s research on eCommerce conversion rates reveals that...

Videos are responsible for driving more sales conversions than social media!

What would a 144% increase in sales do for you?

Using videos in your marketing literally makes the difference between average cash flow businesses and revenue growth businesses that give you independence and freedom...

But… is it truly possible?

Like most people, Jane had doubts. She’d heard it all before! Big promises that amount to little more than hot air.

And besides, how would she use video? Isn’t it expensive? Don’t you have to get experts to do it for you… and what about sales scripts… where do you get copywriters to write them?

She thought she’d have to spend days and weeks learning something new…

Its time she just didn’t have.

Here’s what most people think…

A common belief among business people is that you need to be a great net-worker, coach, entrepreneur or consultant… or work like a person possessed, before you can generate your first five or six-figure monthly income.

Another belief is that you need to spend 100’s or 1000’s of hours slaving away trying to get your value message out to enough people before you make in a month what most people make in a year.

Not to mention the many sleepless nights you have trying to figure out what the next step is for you.

While the importance of being a great net-worker, funnel designer, pod-caster, presenter, speaker, coach, consultant, font of wisdom, or service provider can’t be overstated…

… in reality, none of these skills lead directly to increased conversions, sales and growth revenues.

And that’s where the problem lies for most business people… they’re great at what they do, but it’s low revenues and inconsistent that cause the most heart break and angst.

The fact is that in the current age of social media, nothing leads more directly to sales than video.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, if you can’t directly persuade enough people to buy from you… your revenues stagnate or slowly diminish. 

“If you aren't creating video, you're likely falling behind.”

(HubSpot Research Report… Content Trends Global Preferences)

Let me tell you about Jane… a struggling business owner

Jane had a business… or what she thought was a business… but she didn’t have many customers. In reality; what she had was little more than a hobby of ideas about being a business.

If you don’t have an increasing number of customers… you don’t have a business… you have a stress making mechanism that keeps you awake with worry.

Even thought she was good at helping people, Jane didn't take marketing as seriously as she needed to. It meant she couldn’t persuade or influence enough new customers to buy from her.

In simple terms… Jane was failing because she wasn’t communicating her true value to enough people.

She was doing a lot of free stuff, but she hated being taken advantage off. People picking her brains but never committing to her service.

What really scared her was the thought of being underpaid and over worked… and then retired on a pension.

All she wanted was to be paid her true worth… her true value.

If you work hard at what you do, why not get paid what you’re true worth instead of just scraping by and making ends meet… right?

If you don’t have as many clients as you’d like… and if you struggle with the idea of getting more people to buy from you… there’s a fair chance you might be lacking a particular skill.

Perhaps it’s the ability to persuade… or the ability to influence decision making… or the ability to lead a person’s thinking to the point of desire satisfaction.

In my 20 years of helping entrepreneurs build serious cash flow businesses… the #1 reason for failure… “is the inability to communicate their true value to enough new customers”.

While there can be many reasons why you might struggle with cash flow, ineffective communication to your ideal customer is top of my list.

Jane wanted change…

She was desperately tired of struggling… her internal voice cried out for “space” just for her.

She was weary from overwhelm, drained by confusion and disheartened by results being the same at the end of the year as they were at the beginning.

She’d didn’t want to keep working until pension age and retire on a little over four hundred dollars per week.

But she knew that if she kept going the way she was… she could kiss any thoughts of an independent financial future goodbye.

Although Jane had doubts about using video as a marketing tool… when she looked into her future… the dread of a lifestyle on the pension spurred her into action.

On a positive note, Jane realised that it was Neil Patel, co-founder of NP Digital, citing the 144% increase in product sales above. He’s a digital marketing entrepreneur and one of the most respected people in the industry.

Patel doesn’t say anything like this...

 unless there’s proof.

Jane realised she needed quality marketing… to help transform her hobby idea into a thriving business with freedom revenues.

And her research revealed that increasingly, its high conversion video that’s the driver of higher revenues.

But rather than buy the next shinny program full of promise, Jane decided to change something in her mind first.

And because she was running out of time, she wanted to make sure she could give herself every chance of succeeding.

Up until this point, Jane had a somewhat downcast internal voice guiding her decisions. It wasn’t a huge one… but it made her “not bother” when it came to learning new things because she didn’t believe that much would change for her.

She didn’t believe that she had what it takes to make a lot of money, and even if she did… she thought it would take too much time.

But Jane wanted to double her income…

… and she knew that she’d have to shift some old beliefs to do it!

She decided that her financial future was worth more than the beliefs that held her back.

She immediately set about designing messages to remind her of what was important… wrote them on post it notes and placed them where she could see them every day.

“There’s an important shift in perspective I need to make before I can double my revenue in a short period of time!”

“I am worth so much more than the stress of always needing to find extra bits of money”…

“I’ll feel proud because I’m learning something new… even if I don’t make millions”…

“My independent future is more important than the amount of work it takes to get me there”…

“With the right marketing system, I can achieve the 144% increase in sales Neil Patel speaks of.”

Everyday Jane choose one of these messages as her daily motivational theme to help her move beyond her contracting financial results.

Increase your revenues by using videos in your marketing and sales…

The further you move into the 2020, the more your ability to persuade and influence is going to depend on video.

If you want predictable revenue growth, if you want more exposure and higher conversions… there’s no substitute to the low-cost high benefit medium of video.

In terms of generating higher revenues, the truth is that you don’t need to be a great net-worker, coach or consultant in order to generate your first five or six-figure monthly income.

And you don’t need to slave away for 100’s or 1000’s of hours before you make in one month what most people make in a year.

Increasing your sales and revenues with video is easier than you might believe.

But if you believe that it’s not possible for you… or that you need to slave away at net-working… or be some sort of guru…

…maybe its these beliefs that are holding you back!

…maybe it’s why your revenues are not being generated as effectively or consistently as you’d like.

In reality, you don’t have to slave away at anything. You don’t have to be a networking superstar, and you don’t have to be a guru…

I’m not trying to make these things wrong or diminish their importance.

All I’m saying is that these skills are not the only Pathway To Prosperity.

I made my first million in sales without being a net-worker, without being a “known” and without being a guru… in fact, because I'm an introvert, I was lousy at them.

And I didn’t have to spend 100’s and 1000’s of hours slaving away… 

The only decision you need to make is between “not knowing” and “knowing”.

It’s an important choice…

Videos help you generate leads with people because you can design them to showcase the real value you offer.

But if you’re not using video, you’re not sharing your value with an increasing number of people.

And instead of constantly growing your revenues, they slow down and plateau.

Simply put, you’re out marketed by those who use video.

But with video, and a few simple template scripts to follow, you can do as Neil Patel suggests… increase your sales’ conversions by 144%.

One of the reasons why video works so well as a medium for persuasion is because more people prefer “watching” to “reading”.

The big breakthrough…

The more Jane investigated the potential of video, the more she began to recognise the enormous possibilities for increasing her sales and revenues.

So, she decided to learn everything she could because financial independence meant she could have a lifestyle that gave her certainty, confidence and choice.

By using an easy to learn video marketing system, Jane got the basic concepts down in no time. She was up and running with a system that started producing higher levels of engagement and more customers in little over a week from starting.

High conversion video transformed her business from unpredictable revenues to predictable growth and lifestyle freeing revenues.

No other skill in business has the revenue generating potential of video, yet it’s the one skill most business owners fail to take seriously.

A 144% increase in your sales…


What you could do with the extra money.


More than doubling the income you’re getting now!

This is exactly what Jane was working towards.

High conversion video marketing is one of the most valuable entrepreneurial skills you can learn.

It’s more important than any other sales medium.

Video has shifted from a sales option, to an absolute must.

Nothing can match it as a means of storytelling, conveying your value and marketing the benefits of what you do for your clients.

And because video drives revenue growth, in the years to come, as a serious entrepreneur, you must use video if you want to reach higher income goals.

Video creation is rapidly becoming a skill that’s driving revenues of successful entrepreneurs all over the world...

It’s responsible for turning ordinary businesses into financial freedom enterprises.

It’s thought that video sales will drive the revenues of every successful business moving into the 2020’s and beyond.

Of the four multimillion-dollar businesses I’ve built over the years, the use of video gave me the fastest results. It’s the most important skill I’ve learned.

And, as you’ll see below… there’s good reason to be optimistic about the future.

  1. 1
    Facebook forecasts… their platform will be all video by 2021. (Quartz)
  2. 2
    Mobile video streaming is increasing by 100% year on year. (Insivia)
  3. 3
    Online videos and consumer internet traffic will be 15 times higher in 2022 than in 2017. (Cisco)

Here’s why video works…

In an age of distraction and increasing busyness that competes for your attention and time… there’s no higher currency for a businessperson than engagement.

With digital media… engagement is everything and engagement means videos.

Nothing engages quicker than video. Consumers would rather watch 2 minutes of video than read 15 minutes of text.

And as an audio/visual species, humans are attracted to videos more than any other form of digital communication because we find video more engaging and entertaining than text.

Our brains find visual content easier to process than written text and we can remember visual imagery easier than written text.

Engagement means eyes on your videos, eyes on your web pages, and eyes on you. Engagement means increased opportunities to offer your value and increase your revenues.

But if you’re the sort of person who dreads being in front of a camera… or the idea of learning how to use video… don’t worry because there is a solution.

There’s lots of inexpensive software programs that do all the work for you.

I’ll teach you 5 different ways to use video where you don’t have to be on camera.

All you need is an easy way to get videos to work quickly and effectively for you. And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn.

Important reasons to use video in your marketing…

At the risk of boring you with a few stats… even a quick glance at these stats will show you the importance of using video in your sales processes.

  • As a marketing tool… video use is up 63% from 2018. (Hubspot)
  • 60% of people surveyed prefer online videos than television. (Google)
  • 75% of video watching is done on mobile devices. (eMarketer)
  • 95% of a message is retained when seen on video compared to 10% when read via text. (Insivia)
  • Watching video rather than reading text is the preference of executives. (Wordstream)
  • 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service via video. (HubSpot)
  • 92% of video watching on mobile is shared with others. Text is seldom shared. (Wordstream)
  • Its estimated that by 2020, close to 1 million minutes of video will be crisscrossing the internet per second. (Cisco)
  • 65% of people searching for solutions use YouTube to help them solve a problem or learn something new. (Google)

Here’s my promise to you…

I will move you from “not knowing” to “knowing”!

If you’re concerned about things being too technical… or that you always need to be face to camera… or that videos will take too long to produce.

I want to put your mind at rest.

Creating sales videos is not about creating short films you might submit to short film festivals. Most of them can be created on your computer with a few mouse clicks.

All you need is the right formula to follow, and you can quickly improve your ability to influence and persuade. 

And… to make sure you get the best start possible; I’ll give you my highest ever revenue generating sales copy template.

It has produced 7 figures, multiple times.

In fact, I’ll give you three of my best performing sales and copy templates that you can easily turn into video scripts.

They come with step by step instructions and examples… all you do is craft your copy and core marketing message via each of the steps in the templates.

It can’t get any easier than that!

And if you join me at “Master Of Video Sales”… our 2 day online workshop, we’ll give you a done-for-you script ready for you to start practising with the video software we teach you!

With guidance and a high conversion template to follow, your videos can start earning revenue for you in a matter of days.

Using video automatically boosts your authority…

For those of you comfortable with face to camera videos, by presenting yourself on video… you’re instantly seen as an authority because you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone.

Most people fear being judged when speaking in public.

So, when you speak in public, your authority positioning skyrockets because you’re recognised as a person who has overcome the #1 fear for most people… speaking in public.

Communicating how you help people achieve the solutions they want… and presenting your ideas clearly and openly is a critical component of your success.

Speaking on video can quickly help you grow your business, advance your revenues, and promote ideas that move your ideal clients to action on issues that affect them directly.

Videos expose you to new customers by increasing the penetration of your core message with those who need to hear it the most. It also increases the amount of time your core messages work for you.

Videos can keep working for years… the number of new clients I get from three and four-year-old videos… adds significant monthly revenues to my business.

With text… people never hear your voice, never see your eyes or facial expressions. This deprives you of using the most important human trust building mechanism… “Your Eyes”.

Eye contact is fundamental basis of trusting relationships. Audiences are more likely to trust and respect you when your eyes indicate a communication openness.

Eye contact promotes confidence and conveys an assured, ‘you can trust me message’.

Videos give you credible exposure when it comes to offering your products and services to a specific audience.

Entrepreneurs in the business of helping people satisfy desires with valuable solutions… and who use video on social media and other platforms… generally earn more because they’re able to charge premium fees for the services they offer.

  1. 1
    Over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day.
  2. 2
    Videos attract more high-quality leads. They can increase your closing ratios by a factor of 68%. (2019,
  3. 3
    According to HubSpot, Animoto and YouTube… 45% of people watch more than an hour of video on YouTube and Facebook each week… (Jun, 2019)

The absence of this skill means that revenues plateau and fail to reach the levels that give you more control, certainty and predictability over lifestyles of independence and freedom.

Here’s an interesting stat… 83% of marketers surveyed said that they’d increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (Buffer)

This is exactly what this two-day online training is going to do for you.

It’ll remove obstacles to video making and it’ll shorten the time it takes. And you’ll learn how to produce quality video marketing on an extremely low- budget.


Master Video Sales

“Increase Your Sales, Conversions and Revenues… And Create More ‘Right Client’ Exposure Through Video!”

 September 19th & 20th, Sat & Sun

Attend this 2 day online workshop, and you’ll have access to everything you need to begin using high conversion sales videos for increasing the rate of your revenue growth.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Reduce Costs

How to drive down marketing costs and set things up so it becomes quick and easy to produce high quality marketing.

Communicate Value

You’ll learn how to communicate your true value to an increasing number of new customers.


You’ll get an easy to use high grossing revenue template so that you know exactly what to do at every step. Plus 2 other easy to use high revenue templates.

Exposure & Leverage

You’ll learn to use a small bit of technology to give you a maximum amount of exposure and leverage.

YES! I’ve colour coded my high grossing template so that it’s easy to follow...

And I’ll show you a colour coded example of a sales page where I’m using this template and point out each of the seven steps in the template... Once you’re practiced with my revenue generating templates, you can easily use them over and over to shape different messages for different audiences.


  • I’ll show you 5 different ways to make quick videos.
  • Kinetic typography videos!
  • Whiteboard videos!
  • PowerPoint Template videos!
  • Free and inexpensive software videos!
  • I’ll show you how to use video editing software to make your videos more engaging.
  • I’ll give you an example sales script you can use straight away to practice creating videos using the software DURING the two days!
  • During the training, you’ll be practicing with lots of examples and you’ll be downloading lots of free content plus you'll get expert feedback on how you can improve the visual design of your videos to ensure they hit the mark everytime!

Here’s a (FREE) valuable pattern you can use to create High Conversion Videos.

It’s not my high revenue colour coded template... but even if you don't attend the 2 day training… you can use this format to script videos and quickly get them out to work for you!

  1. 1
    Gain attention. There are several ways you can achieve this and it’s all about drawing viewers to you in the first 10 seconds. You could: ask a disruptive question, make a big bold claim, use humor or novelty to create curiosity, promise to solve a problem.
  2. 2
    Connect and bond. Acknowledge those who immediately tune into your opening remarks. For example, if you ask a disruptive question, bond with the people who answer it correctly for your purposes because they’re the ones who will keep watching. It’s the same process for the other opening pathways.
  3. 3
    Reveal the process. If you’re in the business of helping people satisfy desires with valuable solutions… this is where you show them how you do it. BUT don’t offer too much detail. Just a bird’s eye view of the “how” basics.
  4. 4
    Powerful benefits. Offer two powerful benefits they’ll get as a result of working with you. For example, in my case its more predictable revenue growth and more control over future lifestyle freedom. 
  5. 5
    A clear call to action. Click the link below… put yes in the comment box… private message me… book a free 30 minute catch up… are clear calls to action. 

Follow these five steps and you’ll be producing sales videos in no time!

Five important ways for video to increase your revenues

The importance of having videos on your website cannot be overstated.
Here’s what they offer…

Improved Web Rankings

A recent study by MarTech, found that high conversion videos offer a 53 times increase in your chances of being found in Google first page searches.

Higher Retention Rates

Two-thirds of viewers watch 75% of high conversion videos… (vidyard) Videos have higher retention of viewers than text-based pages and search algorithms love them. More video = more visitors.

Higher Email Click-Through Rates

Videos boost email open rates by 20% and more. Using the word video in your subject line increases click through rates by 65% and lowers unsubscribe rates by 26%. (Brainshark)

Increased Viewer Conversions

As many as 75% of business entrepreneurs observe that by establishing emotional connections and treating viewers more as a friend than a potential customer, video conversion rates outperform any other form of marketing content. (vidyard)

Satisfying Customer Questions

Prospects are always on the lookout for products and solutions that are right for them. They also want fair prices and lowest risk. According to kunocreative, answer those questions upfront in video and you place yourself ahead of your competition.

In video, the goal is simple… quickly give viewers exactly what they're looking for.

What prospects are looking for will depend on the service or products you offer. And if you truly understand who your ideal client is… videos make it easy to give them what they’re looking for.

It could be something as simple as answering two or three important questions. Or quickly explaining how you help people get the outcomes they want.

Video doesn’t have to be challenging to produce. And high conversion video doesn’t mean high cost!

Using video in your marketing is not a passing phase… it’s a must…

Research indicates that in 2020 and beyond, 80% of all internet content will be some form of video. (Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 2017–2022 White Paper)

You’ll really love the hands-on nature of this workshop. And even better… you’ll love the new revenue streams you’ll develop.

Master Video Sales...

2 Day Online Training - September 19th & 20th, Sat & Sun

Your investment is $397 and comes with a full guarantee of satisfaction or your money back.

Save your spot today and you'll also recieve these 2 EXTRA bonuses!

  1. 1
    Bonus 1. 

    The 8 Steps To Creating High Converting Sales Videos PDF (this will become one of your go-to resources, so save it somewhere safe!)
  2. 2
    Bonus 2.

    The 8 Steps To Creating High Quality Training Videos PDF (If you want to create online courses, programs, and teaching webinars... this will get you on the right-track!)

Here's what recent attendees have to say... 

Let’s recap what you’ll receive during this 2 day training…

  • Where to get hundreds of free video clips, with full use rights
  • Lots of LIVE video creation (that doesn't require you on camera!)
  • Basics of video editing software to make videos more engaging
  • My highest grossing income generating colour coded template
  • 2 other income generating copy and marketing templates
  • Examples of a fully completed marketing video you can use.
  • 5 different video making styles
  • Free and inexpensive video making software
  • Communicate your true value to more customers
  • 150-word video script you can use over and over
  • How to automate part of your marketing system

You’ll have access to everything you need to begin using high conversion marketing videos for more predictable revenue streams.

Make video your most effective digital marketing strategy for 2020.

On purchase you will be emailed all the details you need to join us on the Zoom calls!

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