"If This Non-Techy Granny Can Master Online Marketing & Automation... So Can You!"

Click to meet the online granny...

Want to generate more leads, customers and clients online? Come join me and my growing community and you'll get all your questions answered, be shown LIVE how we do it, and have access to all previous training and resources.

Now you too can finally get ahead online and help more people EVEN IF you struggle with all the tech and marketing stuff!

Then $147/Month

"I was wasting too much time!"

"When I first started my business I had no clue what I was doing. I spent years in and out of my job as I tried over and over to get more clients and create a consistent income. The 2 big problems were: I didn't have a clue how to market myself... and I resisted the techy side of systemisation. I was wasting too much time chasing bright-shiny things and not investing in my forever-foundations! Fast forward to today and I enjoy much more freedom in my business and my life. That's more time for family, grand-kids, and new adventures that light-me-up! What made the difference? Finding the right people to guide me, and FINALLY sorting out all the tech and online marketing stuff. It was a game changer for me. Now it can be a game-changer for you too!"

Carmel Murphy (aka the online granny)

Design Your Funnel

Connect The Tech

Refine Your Message

get Ahead With Video

It's the opportunity of a lifetime

If you want to build an online business, or reach more online customers, there's never been a better time than now.

 Online workshops, events, and sales have exploded since you-know-what happened in 2020. It's an opportunity of a lifetime to sell more online. But exactly HOW you can capitalise on this is a whole other challenge...

Going Round In Circles Is Exhausting...

You've downloaded freebies.

You've read the books.

You've attended the seminars.

You've paid for courses.

You know WHAT you have to do.

The list is sooooo long... 

But you don't know HOW to connect it all together!

All the tech and marketing stuff is time consuming and confusing.

And your message isn't attracting enough right people.

It's holding you back from the bit you do best - 

Helping others!

And the thing you want the most -

A reliable 'never have to go back to a job' kinda business!

The good news is: 

You don't have to spend anymore days, weeks, YEARS trying to figure it out alone...

Speed your success as you connect, collaborate and co-create with those on the same entrepreneurial path as you. 

Then $147/Month

Avoid unnecessary headaches and expensive mistakes when you follow the lead of those who've figured it out, and can show you how it's done, LIVE, every week!

With The Right Support
Things Start To 'Click' Into Place

The online marketing puzzle becomes less daunting and more exciting as you successfully connect the tech, refine your message, and get more people buying from you!


Online Membership

The place where exceptional achievement is fostered for all.
Whether it's connecting the tech, sorting out your marketing, planning your next campaign or nurturing entrepreneurship - we're here to help you get ahead online and feel super confident putting your message out there!

Then $147/Month

What do you need help with?

We'll meet you where you're at and help you navigate any barriers to your success.

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Core Marketing Messages
  • Ideal Client Research & Refinement
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Automating Online Systems & Processes
  • Entrepreneurship & Success Psychology
  • Sales Funnels
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing & CRM
  • High-Conversion Copywriting
  • High-Conversion Video Marketing
  • Authentic Influence & Persuasion
  • Planning & Scheduling Content

Simply ask us your questions 
and we'll get you the answers!

Instantly saving you time from going around in circles, feeling confused... or getting stuck!

In This Group No one gets left out, or left behind 
(no Matter Your Skill Level)!

Here's what to expect when you join us...


Co-Creation Calls
  • Every week we host a LIVE Zoom call.
  • You can share, ask for help, and show us what you're working on/stuck with.
  • We'll answer your questions, point you in the right direction, and even DO IT WITH YOU on the call.
  • YES! We co-create with our members! Whether it's your funnel pages, copy, video, social or campaign strategy. This is your time to have eyes on what you're doing with hands and brains at the ready - we can even take-over your screen and click the buttons for you!
  • Can't make the call? Send us your questions, we'll answer them, and the recording will be in the members area ready for you the next day!

Zoom Calls

Thursdays 4pm AWST


Skill Sharing
  • You will learn a multitude of online marketing and automation skills INCLUDING: 
  • Connecting your funnel, setting up your CRM (Email System), making sure everything 'talks' to each other correctly, organising your planning and scheduling software, communicating your message via compelling copy, and creating high-conversion marketing videos using simple software!
  • Our members help each other. So if you know the answer, or can teach someone how to do something better or faster we always encourage sharing! The private FB group provides support and skill sharing between the live calls.


Resource Hub
  • All calls are recorded and filed in the private members area so you can always learn and practice any day of the week!
  • There's a library of downloadable PDFs you can use as cheat-sheets, practice exercises, inspiration, scripts and templates!
  • Bonus webinars are recorded and saved so you can reference them anytime. These are content and training sessions held outside of the weekly calls. 
  • Whenever we find NEW resources or CREATE new training assets YOU get first access to them in here.

join exceptional Entrepreneurs Today

  • Weekly Co-Creation Zoom Calls on THURSDAYS
  • Bring your VA or Biz partner along for FREE
  • Full access to resource hub and past recordings on payment
  • All details and login links emailed to you on sign-up
  • Access to private FB group 
  • 25% affiliate commission available to full members 
  • No contracts, cancel anytime, come back when you miss us!

Entrepreneurs Who Grow Together, Stick Together

The power is in the group, and the answers are easier to implement than you think!

Save money

You can do it! Everything we teach we have done BY OURSELVES without hiring expensive 'experts' to do it for us. Invest in your skills, save money, give it a go yourself - then at least if you do choose to outsource tasks you know EXACTLY what to ask for - and don't get led down the garden path of spending thousands on things you don't need!

Stop wasting time

Spend less time searching YouTube and Google for answers... going round in circles... getting frustrated... and overwhelmed... and confused...and spend more time actually making progress! Troubleshoot any 'techy' problems with the group and save yourself the HEADACHE of trying to sort it all out yourself!

Avoid Second guessing

Self-doubt creeps in when you don't have a trusted sounding board to help you make decisions. Imagine eliminating the "I don't know what to do next'" barriers and replacing them with actionable steps from those who have successfully gone before you. Less second guessing, more business accelerating action!

feel proud of your progress

Sometimes it feels like as soon as you tick something off your list... ten more things go on it! If you don't stop and share your wins with those who 100% GET what you're trying to achieve in the long run - it can start to feel like you aren't doing enough. Like there's something wrong with you. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. When you join Exceptional Entrepreneurs you'll meet lots of others both ahead and behind you to help put everything back in perspective. As long as you're taking action and growing that's all that matters to us. Feel proud of your progress and celebrate it with the group!

Enjoy more SATISFYING results

Nothing is more demoralising than running events - and not making ends meet. Or creating lead magnets - that no one opts-in for. Or building out a course - that tanks. The life of an online entrepreneur has it's ups and downs. We've got you when it seems like nothing's working. And we'll help you redesign, re-craft, and re-launch if you need it. Imagine feeling more confident writing sales copy and producing videos from now on in so you can press 'publish' , 'post' , 'send' , or 'record' with less hesitation. And the satisfying feeling of knowing your automation is going to work - so you don't have to!

Have confidence in your future 

A lifestyle of freedom, fulfillment, and fun! Sounds great right? Unfortunately the reality of this dream is a heck of a lot of learning, growing, skill development, self development, and kinda-scary-NEW-stuff is required to make it happen. If you want confidence that your dream IS GOING TO HAPPEN, then you need to immerse yourself in an environment designed to help you get there. Surrounded by others with similar dreams, surrounded by people who won't judge you for doing things differently to the masses, surrounded by those who can help fast-track your progress!

"There's No Freedom Doing It Flintstones!"

If you keep resisting sorting out your automation, message, and online marketing it simply prolongs the enslavement to your office, the time spent away from family, and the delay of satisfaction and fulfillment for YOU...
Keen to stop feeling scattered and unsure and finally start streamlining your business?

Watch the video below for a guided tour of the members area by Sarah!

Design Your Funnel

Connect The Tech

Refine Your Message

get Ahead With Video

join exceptional Entrepreneurs Today

  • Weekly Co-Creation Zoom Calls on THURSDAYS
  • Bring your VA or Biz partner along for FREE
  • Full access to resource hub and past recordings on payment
  • All details and login links emailed to you on sign-up
  • Access to private FB group 
  • 25% affiliate commission available to full members 
  • No contracts, cancel anytime, come back when you miss us!

Contrary to popular belief...

This is NOT a mastermind.

Masterminds are often too much talk, not enough action.

This is a unique co-creation space

Where learning happens LIVE between experts and members and action is encouraged to be taken ON THE SPOT. We help you fix tech problems, write copy, plan campaigns, sort your messaging, create epic videos AND LOADS MORE!

A growing community of Inspiring Problem Solvers & action takers!


"I knew what I had to do, but knowing I had to do it all on my own was overwhelming, especially when it came to the tech side of things.  I'm a big picture thinker so getting me to knuckle down and focus on the intricate details side of website design was challenging to say the least.

When I first heard about membership I decided it wasn't for me as I've been running my own businesses for 11 years, but I had never had to personally do the technical side of things.  Once I went down the rabbit hole of WordPress website design, I knew I needed help.  I don't like to sit down and trawl through YouTube tutorials (after spending time finding the video you need) and watching what I need to do. I like to get problems solved instantly and be able to implement the results myself, immediately. For this aspect, the membership has been fantastic as I can bring my pressing problems to the weekly call and have them answered there and then.  Being able to share my screen and work on my website live, with Sarah and Carmel's help has been most effective and beneficial for me as it suits the way I like to learn. Now, I enjoy working on the back end of my website and understanding how it all works.  It's empowering to be in control of the back and front of your business and not have to rely on paying others to do it for you.

It's not only the techy side of things that I love about Exceptional Entrepreneurs.  I love that we are a committed, growing community of people on a similar path.  We have entrepreneurs from across the globe who are coming together to builder better, more profitable businesses.  Knowing that we have an hour week to come together to ask questions and have problems solved has been of great benefit and I recommend that if you're considering joining, do it!"

Nicole Ashby

Director, High-Profit Media


I had zero business experience when I decided to start up my own - I didn't know what I needed; how to set up my technology and systems and marketing was this big scary thing where I had to push myself on others in order to make a sale.

I had done a couple of workshops with Carmel Murphy and Sarah Rose previously and when I found out they were offering a membership where for an hour each week you could come to them with any questions or problems to get answers, I was all in!  And it has definitely been worth it!

There are people at all levels of business on the calls, from complete newbies like me through to people who have being running their own business for years and this breadth of experience has really helped me work out what are the crucial things I need to do in the early stages (set up systems was a big one for me in trying to run business and work full-time) and demystify marketing.

More importantly, it has given me the courage to try things because I know I have a group of people that I can come to with questions and to ask for feedback.  Knowing I have this supportive group has pushed me further than any of the courses I have tried so far.

I would recommend Exceptional Entrepreneurs for anyone starting out in business - there is great wisdom in the group and with people being at different levels, someone is bound to ask a question that you didn't even know you needed to know!

Jaime Henderson

Re-Purpose Facilitation Coach


As a reluctant entrepreneur it was all too hard! So much to juggle re processes, systems, software, marketing, clarity of message, website design…

My too hard basket was full to overflowing!!

Then I heard about Exceptional Entrepreneurs and as I already knew Carmel and Sarah and had experienced their wisdom and support it was a no-brainer!

In the weekly calls there has been support for tech issues, amazing teaching, accountability – no coasting here!! The support from ALL the members in the group has been incredible so you really do have your own cheer squad. The feedback is always constructive and you know that you can count on them for tweaks to make things even better!

From this launch pad I have been encouraged and supported to get clear on my target audience AND the language and platform to speak to them, work out my funnel, to develop a structured marketing campaign as well as copywriting and video marketing courses.

There are folks from absolute beginners to serial entrepreneurs in the group so there’s never a “stupid” question and you can learn so much from those further down the track too. The group has members from the Eastern States and UK and US so there are networking opportunities too.

So whatever stage in business you would consider yourself, I would really recommend Exceptional Entrepreneurs for content, support and accountability. You may not class yourself as “exceptional” when you join, however you soon will be!!

Wendy Corner

International Communication Mentor

"Helping You Grow Your Business Faster, So You Can Fund A Lifestyle Of Freedom Sooner"

Carmel Murphy & Sarah Lucy Rose

Years spent throwing spaghetti on the walls has led us to realise our best results have always happened when we joined forces with others.

As we continue to grow our business we're willing to share all of our experience with you no-holds-barred so you can get ahead faster too.

Carmel Murphy

With over 25 years experience in high level leadership and management and 11 years as a coach/mentor, Carmel has learnt the value of the power of great marketing, copy and communication to engage your audience. She specialises in identifying your Lucrative Target Market and High Conversion Video Marketing, because "You've got to get the right message, to the right person at the right time!" Her focus is to not only share valuable business building information but assist you in taking epic, profitable,  ACTION on it too!

Carmel's passion for people and business has come together to develop programs in high-conversion, profitable, marketing, video, copywriting and communication.

Sarah Lucy Rose

Sarah is one of Australia's rapidly emerging young copywriters achieving productive success for national and international businesses.  She knows the future success of your business (especially online) will rely on the ability to write profitable, high converting copy... combined with lucrative online marketing strategies!  She has over 5 years experience in online marketing and copywriting, and is a self-confessed high conversion copy and marketing 'geek'.

Sarah is a tech-head, video-making wizard and copywriting fanatic. Her support for you is invaluable.


He's one of Australia's most endorsed Business Strategy mentors on LinkedIn, became a self-made millionaire by 40, has built multiple 7-figure businesses, and currently lives a financially free lifestyle on his beautiful Tasmanian farm...


For the first time ever Paul Counsel is gifting his blueprint for Exceptional Foundations as a BONUS to all our members.

This is the blueprint we're using to grow our business (under his watchful eye) now you get to access it too - for free!


Paul often joins us on the weekly co-creation calls to offer advanced support, provide feedback and member 'hot-seats', and will answer any questions you have when it comes to building your online empire... on exceptional foundations!

  1. 1
    Understanding The Enterprise Code 
  2. 2
    Key Factors For Exceptional Achievement
  3. 3
    Developing A 6-Figure Plan
  4. 4
    Developing A 7-Figure Plan
  5. 5
    Understanding Value For YOU And THEM
  6. 6
    An Overview Of Online Formats, Packaging And Pricing
  7. 7
    Enrolling Buyers Via Marketing
  8. 8
    Developing Your Psychological Success Team

join now!

  • Weekly Co-Creation Zoom Calls on THURSDAYS
  • Bring your VA or Biz partner along for FREE
  • Full access to resource hub and past recordings on payment
  • All details and login links emailed to you on sign-up
  • Access to private FB group 
  • 25% affiliate commission available to full members 
  • No contracts, cancel anytime, come back when you miss us!

Supporting Entrepreneurship & Simplifying Online Enterprise


I knew I had to get my ‘old school’ business online and I just needed someone to show me the steps so I could get on with it!

When I first heard about this membership, I felt skeptical of joining another group. But I decided to see if they were any different from the other groups.

During the weekly calls, I discovered great knowledge and comfort in the group and I learned how to join the puzzle pieces.

It felt so good to finally know how to put everything together.

The best part is that I’ve been able to develop not 1 but 3 online businesses in a really short time because of the skills I’ve gathered in this membership group and I can help my clients achieve greater results too.

I would recommend Exceptional Entrepreneurs to any biz owner wanting to grow their online biz and fill in any missing techy pieces.

Nicole Morawski

Founder, Steps To Biz Success


Being a big picture person... I was more than a little naive as to what was required in setting up an online presence...

I soon realised that those fancy and false promises of the "5 Easy Steps To Success" programs were an oversimplification and closer to 10x's plus the actual steps in reality.

When Carmel's membership came to my attention... I was already drowning in information, not knowing where to start.

The membership gave me a structure and so I was able to relax into the work required to achieve my outcomes.

Now I have consistency and my own personal vault of meaningful and actual useful information I can make use of with the results to prove it.

The best part is that every time I access my own personal vault, there's more information than when I last accessed it and that's often.

And I don't need to remember everything because I can always go back time and time again. 

What's even better than that... Carmel updates the information with time and as new information comes to hand.

So I'm always assured that I'm getting the latest and best content and information

I still have the big picture but now I can develop the skills to make it a reality.

I didn't know just how much I needed "The Exceptional Entrepreneurs" until I found them.

I can't get back the time and money I lost but I can more than make up for it with this exceptional group

Justin Paul

Host, Money And Time Machine Podcast


Before the membership I was struggling with confidence around business and the business model.  

I did not have a foundation of support from others in business.  

I wanted to learn and understand more about business, copywriting, sales together with wanting to learn.  How to implement the technical aspects of a business.  

Since joining the membership I have gained confidence and have been able to learn what I was struggling with and so much more and have connected with a wonderful group of business entrepreneurs.

Leeann Kimme

Founder, Well Beyond Yoga

Frequently asked questions

What if I can't make the calls live?

Everything is recorded and uploaded to the members area. You can send in your questions prior to Thursdays and we'll answer them on the call for you - so you can watch them at the best time for you.

I have an established business - is this suitable for me?

Yes. Many of our members already have established businesses and use this membership to hone their skills, add in the bits they're missing, get on-top of the automation required, and ultimately get more leads and customers!

How do I cancel my trial subscription?

All payments are processed via PayPal. To cancel, simply login to your PayPal account and stop your recurring payment to The Communication Queen. Simple.

Do I already need a website to join?

Most of our members do have a website. But if you don't we can point you in the right direction for that too. Come in let us know where you're at, and we'll see what we can do!

I'm just starting out - is this suitable for me?

The best answer? It depends. Regardless of whether you have a business or not if you WANT a business that works online you need to develop the SKILLS required to set it up and run it. We suggest you come in, take a look around, join some calls and decide if it's a good fit for you. If we notice you need extra assistance we can offer you additional support too. But we like to get to know you first ;)

I'm stuck... who can I contact for help?

Email: admin@thecommunicationqueen.com.au


Then $147/Month


Any results on these pages are not typical. You are not guaranteed any specific results or income... as every person, industry, personality, and offer are unique and different. This isn't about getting rich quick - we believe in hard work and showing up and serving your market and taking focused action. We don't believe in get rich programs - only in hard work, adding value and serving others. Our programs, events and membership are intended to help you share your message with a wider audience and to make a difference in the world while growing your business. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. After all, it takes hard work to succeed in any type of business. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings all numbers are illustrative only.

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