Improving your workplace communication

Success Stories


I really enjoyed this training, I have begun using the information already in how I deal with people. I have changed the way I communicate with some colleagues and staff, I would love to do even more of this. – Nicola, senior HR advisor,  Sodexho

Excellent, we are noticing differences already. – Jane Venue manager at The Garden, Leederville

Really helpful. I have changed how I talk to people, it is working already – Regan, Bottle Shop Manager, Sovereign Arms Hotel

Enlightening. I understand now how I am in a work environment. I now use some of the skills in how I approach conflict situations with both staff and patrons. Great!! – Dwight, Operations Manager, The Garden and The Leederville Hotel

Thank you Carmel I enjoyed doing the leadership evaluation on myself which gives me an incentive to change my management style for the better and understand others. – Nigel Cameron– General manager, Wentworth Plaza

The feedback around the office for those who attended was fantastic, they loved the idea of getting to understand how people worked and I heard several comments “so that is why he is like that ” etc. A great vibe was left and everyone enjoyed you as the presenter and the session. We will have to get you back some more! – Melissa Hine, Organisational Development Advisor, Sodexho

Absolutely loved it! I have started realising a lot more, and how much it reflected who I am. Would love to do some more of this. – Michael, Manager at The Leederville Hotel

Great! Really enjoyed it. Simple tools really useful. I would love to do more. – Matthieu, Trainee Ops manager, Sodexho

Very interesting, I got more out of it than I expected to even on a personal level. Would like to do more. – Steve, Bottle shop manager, CornerStone Ale House

Very interesting. I would like to do more training. – Jeremy, Venue manager, Craftsman Hotel, Cannington



I have used Carmel’s service a number of times. She is extremely knowledgeable, and constantly challenged my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. While working with Carmel I developed and grew as person which also allowed me to develop and utilise my new skills within my business. I highly recommend Carmel to assist with developing any relationships within a business environment, including clients and customers.”

Lynne- Maree – Positive Parenting






Thank-you Carmel, for living your passion!

When I did my cart-wheel across the finish-line at the Tokyo Marathon, I thought of you. Your knowledge and advice had been instrumental in getting me there. You really did help break-down many of my fears that I had!!!!

Thank-you for spending  your time and effort, through emails, phone calls and meetings; supporting and encouraging me all the way. You have taught me so much about myself which  revealed to me just how much more I can accomplish. Many of the NLP techniques you have shown me, helped motivate me to continue on and successfully complete the Comrades Marathon ( 89km).

Thank-you for being there when I needed a little guidance in my life.



I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your support, help, professionalism, and for the laughs too. You have been wonderful and have done a fantastic job.
At that point in my life those sessions were crucial, they’ve transformed my mind set, they’ve helped me boost my energy, improve my confidence and optimism. I am a much better me!

Thank you Carmel,


Carmel taught me that life is all about CHOICE!

I’m very grateful that I was given such an opportunity because my life has done a full 360 in 3 months and I have never been so happy in my entire life.

I’m doing everything I have always dreamt of – I’m living my dreams.

Thank you Carmel, with all my heart.


Carmel really pulled through with her professionalism. She has the skill to assess just when, where and how hard to push, showing compassion along the way. What impressed me most was her ability to make me realize the power I already and always have possessed! When I got a taste of the feelings I CAN CREATE by what I CHOOSE to focus on, that was the moment i knew this really works!

My many thanks to Carmel and looking forward to working with her again soon.