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Perception is Reality….

November 24, 2011 | Blog | No Comments on Perception is Reality….

I was in Kalgoorlie last week and the begining of this week for business and I had never been there before, so of course I wanted to see at least some of the sights. Firstly I thought “Kal” as it is called, (see I’m getting the lingo) was a small town and I was suprised at just how big it was and how many people are there. My perception from descriptions I had heard I guess. (more…)

Personally…… really?

July 6, 2011 | Blog | No Comments on Personally…… really?

So where were we? My personal life….. While I have no intention of going into it too much (so no panic)

Working in Hospitality had a toll on my personal life. Working all hours and having to go in often on my day off meant that at times I missed my childrens important days. (more…)

My new website has just launched

June 1, 2011 | Blog | 8 Comments on My new website has just launched

Ok guys….. it is finally here, my eagerly awaited website, yay! I’ve  got to say it has been an interesting journey to get it here. Lots of effective communication along the way let me tell you.

So then I thought what should I write? What is the real challenge for the Hospitality industry?     (more…)