Women Of Wicklow...

Discover How To Feel
Purposeful, Fulfilled, And Free
- Simply By Being YOU!

  • No matter what your age...
  • No matter what your past...
  • No matter what others say...

It’s time to feel confident in who you are, and what YOU want
Because it’s never-ever too late to put YOU and your needs first!

As women we invest so many hours, days, weeks, YEARS investing our energy into others, don’t we?

Partners, parents, siblings, kids, grand-kids… friends… The energy can often feel like it’s all flowing ‘out’ and there’s never enough coming back ‘in’!

And it’s not that you’re ungrateful – oh no there’s been amazing times… it’s just at some point you start to realise something’s not quite ‘right’ anymore.

No matter what you do… or how much you try to ignore it… the fulfillment you felt from nurturing, protecting, and growing your family… just isn’t quite ‘there’ anymore.

Maybe it’s when your kids grew up, or your grand-kids headed off to school… and the house became abnormally quiet.

Or when your partner is preoccupied with work… or fishing… or golf… or down the pub… and you’re left behind.

Or when you reduced your hours at work… or finished for good… and you now find yourself at a loose end.

It’s in those moments of reflection…
You start to question EVERYTHING!

Who am I?


What am I doing?

Have I achieved everything I wanted to?

What is my purpose?

What sparks passion deep down in my soul… is there anything anymore?

Did I ever find it?

What do I want to be remembered for… is it THIS?

Should I try something new… or is it too late?

What’s next for me?

Ahhhhh Yes, THOSE questions.

The one’s that make you feel like something’s missing…

The one’s that make you feel like time is running out…

The one’s that make you recall the darkest days… and wonder if you ever really found the way out…

In fact, I’ve observed these same questions and feelings arising… over and over again.

And I’m afraid to say they don’t just ‘go away’ by themselves!

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there too!

Hi, I’m Carmel, 

And I’ve had my own past experiences and pain to work through… and many forms of the “who am I now?” questions to answer over the years...

I’ve been a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother… a career woman… and a business owner.

I’ve had failed relationships wrought with conflict… and re-built broken ones worth saving!

I’ve been violated, and put-down by others… and I’ve loved people who didn’t love me back…

I’ve felt the emotional turmoil of getting older... body changing, and children growing up.

I’ve felt the uncertainty and confusion trying to decide what’s next for me... when I lacked the confidence and self-esteem to figure it out alone!

Just like you… I’ve got many stories to tell, secrets to keep, trauma to overcome… and responsibilities to uphold!

But what you might not know is I’m also a qualified Life Coach with over 11 years' experience.

And I’m determined to never give-up… not on clients, not on myself, no matter what!

I’ve learnt a lot from both working on myself, and helping others grow…

…beyond the shadows of the past, beyond emotional barriers, and beyond heart-breaking conflict.

Here’s the most important thing
I can share with you…

You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault!

Because all this questioning, confusion, pain, and uncertainty is an ever-pervasive example of the dis-empowerment of women.

It’s the social conditioning which tells us from a young age to “grin and bear it” and “be seen and not heard” and “don’t make a fuss” and “you’ve made your bed, now lie on it”…

Over laid with societal roles, pressures, expectations and norms of how we ‘should’ act, and what we ‘should’ do, and what we ‘should’ put up with… because that’s all we’re really worth!!!

No wonder you can feel out-of-touch and disconnected from the REAL ‘YOU’ - right!?

The good news is – I’ve spent years exploring the reasons WHY we struggle, WHY we get ‘stuck’, WHY we lose our sense of purpose… and how to grow beyond these points of uncertainty.

As a coach it never ceases to amaze me how so many women feel and arrive at a point of conscious un-fulfillment and uncertainty after years of doing exactly what they ‘should’ have been doing – working, raising families, and being good wives, daughters, sisters… being good friends and diligent employees.

…as it turns out, the ‘shoulds’ of society don’t always equate to success, self-confidence, and certainty…

Instead there’s worry, stress, and a sense of settling for LESS, because you don’t want to ADMIT somethings wrong… even if it doesn’t feel ‘right’ because… well… what would people think of you!?

You end up building a protective wall around your true emotions and your most vulnerable self.

And let’s not forget about how many roles you’ve played ‘masks’ you’ve worn just to get by and fit in… no wonder there’s a sense of ‘numbness’ or ‘fuzziness’ around who the REAL you is!

Well I think it’s due time to say STOP!

STOP to the pain, the judgments, the fears.

STOP to not feeling ‘good’ enough…

STOP to always putting yourself last and settling for the confines of social conditioning!

It’s time to welcome in new ideas and new insights that can help you unwind yourself from your past… the stories, the trauma’s, the regrets, the exhaustion… and feel confident and excited for the future!

That’s why this year I decided it was high-time to come back to where it all started for me, back to my home town of Wicklow…

So I can share my own personal and coaching experience with you too!

Introducing the 4 day event...

How To Feel Purposeful, Fulfilled And Free - Simply By Being YOU!

Here's why you should come join us in May:

  • On DAY 1... You’ll discover who YOU are beyond ‘mum’, ‘wife’, ‘sister’, and all those other labels… so you can connect to the REAL you, boost your self-esteem, and gain new insights into what you really want!
  • On DAY 2… You’ll learn how to find strength in your unique voice, and learn how to assert it more successfully... so you can reduce the number of daily dramas, and handle conflict better PLUS have more energy to prioritise you and YOUR needs.
  • On DAY 3… You'll reveal how to reduce the impact of past-traumas and stress... so you can move forward each day feeling genuinely lighter and happier.
  • On DAY 4... You’ll feel excited and optimistic for the future… as you UNLOCK your lovin’-life-no-matter-what! potential with renewed confidence and clarity, as we tackle the question “what’s next for you?”

Attend all 4 days or choose which best suit you
...either way this is going to be a SAFE space to learn, share, and grow together!

Because, I get it...

We’re not used to talking about this ‘finding purpose and meaning’ stuff… for REAL, are we?

You might confide in a close friend that you’re feeling a bit ‘off’, or read those ‘feel good’ articles in the magazines and wonder if it’s really as ‘easy’ as they say it is… or perhaps you watch TV shows about life transformations… and secretly wish you were a participant.

But often that’s about as far as you get…

Again, it can be those worries of what others may think of you… or thoughts that you’re being ungrateful for what you already have… that prevent you from investing the time and energy YOU deserve in YOU.

Or perhaps someone once said you weren’t good enough, or not valuable enough, and you believed them…

My only wish for you is to read this, and realise that was THEIR opinion… it’s not YOUR truth.

If you can suspend any disbelief for even just ONE day and allow yourself to imagine that change IS possible for you … then I can help you with all the ‘how to make it happen’ stuff!

It just takes you deciding it’s time, and you’re worth it!

And giving me the time necessary to guide you there…

"I know in my soul that what I’m going to teach you over these 4 days will help you feel more purpose and passion and connection every day." 

Sound good? Great!

Because if you and miss this opportunity… and choose to believe what ‘others’ say about you, and this ‘kind’ of event, I can guarantee you nothing will change!

The emptiness, and unsettledness, and low self-esteem will persist… and I don’t want that for you!

And on a side note: I know many of your partners and friends won’t ‘get’ why this is important for you to attend – please know they don’t have to give you permission for it to be ok to explore new things… YOU hold the power… and once they see the ‘change’ in you…

I’m sure they’ll agree it was a great decision!

Once they see you smile, relax, and radiate new hope and enthusiasm.

Because everyone deserves to be happy and touch fulfillment… including YOU!

That's right...

  • You no longer have to feel alone in your ‘somethings not quite right’ funk... feeling weighed down by expectations… yearning for a new sense of adventure, fulfillment, and joy!
  • You no longer have to feel drained, exhausted, and stuck with what you’ve got... it’s OK to want more, and it’s OK to seek help, and find support in others going through the same thing.
  • You no longer have to carry guilt and shame about what happened in the past... there are ways to lighten the load, step out from the shadows, and prepare for the future without all the darkness holding you back. 
  • You no longer have to feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have everything ‘together’ when you compare yourself to others who LOOK like they do… (but probably don’t!)
  • You no longer have to wonder ‘what’s next…?’ you CAN start to gain clarity around this during these 4 days, and leave with renewed enthusiasm and optimism in the future!

It’s time to feel more confident in who you are… and what you want!

But wait!


Are you wondering if change is REALLY possible for you?

Not even sure what it ‘is’ you need to change…

Feeling doubtful of where these 4 day sessions may lead… and if it will work for you?

Well, here’s what some of my clients have experienced
in less than an hour of working with me!

I am now more certain than ever of the direction my life...

“WOW, WOW and more WOW - Carmel Murphy you are amazing. Within the 20 minute session that we had today, I am now more certain than ever of the direction my life is taking (light bulb moment and Carmel was the switch). No more second guessing, no more what about this or that, no more wasting time… Thank you gorgeous woman…”

Trudy Cotter

“...changed my whole relationship with my family & myself."

“Dear Carmel – you rock! Thank you so much for the awesome 45 minutes with you that changed my whole relationship with my family & myself. I got to identify the BIG thing that was negatively impacting my relationship(s), release the “stuff” that kept it there and take immediate daily actions as the solution. Since our session I have 3 happy girls who feel like they get ‘fun Mum time’ and the impact that has had on me...deeply & I am grateful. How does it get better than you Carmel?”

Gratefully, Ann.
Ps and that was just session # 1!

Dr Ann McCoy (vet med) BVMS

Now, just imagine what you could experience over 4 days…

  • Imagine feeling better about yourself… so you can effortlessly project that air of confidence you’ve always wished you’ve had... others will become envious of YOU!
  • Imagine feeling more certain about the direction you’re heading… without those self-doubts and fears getting in the way of making change happen!
  • Imagine when others turn to you and say “you look different – what have you been doing?”… BECAUSE they’re witnessing the new vibrant, self-assured energy you’re radiating!
  • Imagine repairing past pain and being able to handle drama and conflict better… 
    so you can focus all that ‘good’ energy on you first… rather than it always being directed to others, ‘putting-out-fires’ and placating bullies!
  • Imagine having more fun and quality time with your family… and less unnecessary arguments, ‘issues’ and stress!

You see, the thing is – life doesn’t have to be ‘hard’.

Sure ‘bad' things happen – and things don’t always go to ‘plan’- but when learn new ways of coping and apply new meaning to old thoughts and behaviours… life CAN change.

You can feel different.

You can feel lighter, brighter, and more whole again…

No matter what.

How do I know?

Because I’ve dedicated my own learning and training to exactly this!

  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Accredited practitioner of extended DISC
  • Psychosomatic therapist
  • Cert IV Trainer & Performance Coach
  • Matrix Therapist

So, what does all this professional ‘jargon’ mean for you? 

Well it shows I have many skills and a profound depth of knowledge when it comes to in helping people tune into themselves, understand and overcome obstacles, and release their suppressed inner potential.

And just like all the others I’ve helped over the years…

I can now help you too… right here in Wicklow!

“…I won't sit down and cross my arms
and wait for miracles…”

Here’s one of my favourite stories of change, growth, and happiness.

I’m so proud of what Lisa has achieved since I started working with her...

"At that point in my life those sessions were crucial..."

Carmel, although I wanted to have coaching sessions, when we started I wasn't completely sure what I wanted out of them. I knew I wanted more confidence, and more ideas on how to communicate effectively and get goals set and done because I wanted to move on in my career but I was scared that I would be rejected for many reasons. I was feeling small and needed to feel big again, brave, strong, positive.

My experience was fantastic. I honestly can't think of one negative thing.

Some nights I was tired and a little down, but after talking to you I was always happy and positive. I started working on little things like changing "hard" for "challenging", trying to laugh at myself and at situations, taking feedback instead of criticism or failure. I can tell you, my mood has improved a lot.

The most important lesson for me, although we all know, but I had to re-learn it, was the cause-effect theory. During most of my life I am proud to have been the cause, but recently fear was holding me back, making me effect. I have since decided that I am the cause, and I will cause the changes I want in my life, and if what I want doesn't happen just today, it will happen tomorrow, but it will certainly happen. I won't sit down and cross my arms and wait for miracles, I won't give up without putting a good fight for each and every thing I want for my life.

My confidence has increased dramatically. In fact, I am so confident that I will achieve all my goals that I am already happy, I already feel them, smell them, see them. This in turn has made a huge difference to my leadership and in turn my team as I have shared information with them and can see them trust me even more as they begin to trust themselves.

From all sessions, 3 messages are constantly in my mind: "I am the cause, not the effect"; "life is a joke, sit back and laugh"; "feel the fear, and do it anyways."

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your support, help, professionalism, and for the laughs too. You have been wonderful and have done a fantastic job.

At that point in my life those sessions were crucial, they've transformed my mind set, they've helped me boost my energy, improve my confidence and optimism. I am a much better me!

Thank you Carmel,

Lisa Preveris


Want to have a transformative experience like Lisa too? Well, here’s what the talk of the town will be come May…

How To Feel Purposeful, Fulfilled And Free - Simply By Being YOU!

Day 1 - May 16 - Finding YOU & Building Self-Esteem

  • On the first day we’ll dig-deep, and ‘coax’ out who YOU are beyond the everyday existence as mum, wife, sister, ‘middle-aged woman’ and all those other labels, roles, and responsibilities you identify with.
  • This will help you connect to the REAL you underneath all the weight of your past, social conditioning, and life-defining moments, so you can start to gain new insights into what the TRUE you really desires!
  • I’ll also share ways to grow your self-esteem and feel better about yourself – no matter what others think (or say) about you...
  • Prepare to feel liberated by 3pm!

Day 2 - May 17– Finding Your Voice & Feeling Assertive

  • Ever feel like no one’s LISTENING!? Today you’ll learn how to find strength in your voice and harness that power, building new confidence to assert it more successfully.
  • Learn how to ‘handle’ the 4 types of ‘problematic’ people in your life… you know the ones who cause the most drama!
  • When you learn these techniques of conflict management and speaking up (even if doing this feels really scary right now) something is going to happen…
  • Next time you feel the ‘heat’ rising with someone you’ll have new ‘TOOLS’ to help you navigate the stress, and stop these incidents negatively impacting your self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Imagine when you can reduce conflict and drama and have more energy to focus on you and your needs… sounds pretty good right!?

Day 3 - May 18 – Freedom From The Past & Prioritising YOU

  • Maybe you’re like me and you’ve experienced some awful things during your life. Trauma, pain, abuse, sickness, heartache, grief… its heavy stuff right? And these life-defining moments can really bury the ‘real’ you in sadness, shame, and guilt. Today we’re going to lean on each other for support and openly explore new ways to move forward, without carrying the past on our shoulders.
  • Day 3 is focused on providing you a SAFE space to feel vulnerable and emotional without the fear of being judged or criticised. I will share, some others may share, and you can share too if it helps. The choice is 100% yours.
  • When we connect with other women, who feel safe to let their guards down, amazing things can happen. Be in this room to witness breakthroughs, much needed releases, and experience some of your own too!
  • Self-care and healing is super important – we nurture others so much, sometimes we forget to look after us too! Before the day gets too ‘heavy’ I’ll share some special techniques you can use to nurture and be kind to YOU everyday.
  • Expect a very cathartic and heart-warming day 3!

Day 4 - May 20 – How To UNLOCK Your “lovin’-life-no-matter-what!”  Potential

  • The last day! Time to get excited for what’s next...but what if you have no idea what ‘next’ looks like? No worries that’s exactly what we’re going to explore today.
  • It’s time to get adventurous! All those ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ get in the way of dreaming BIG right!? Today I’m going to help you gain a new perspective on the future, find new meanings for ‘old’ things, and help you unlock that innate potential I know you have so you can do great and amazing things - no matter what!
  • Today we’ll talk fears, anxieties, doubts and doubters… and how you can navigate these saboteurs to your success!
  • We’ll also talk setting goals, and how to achieve them (without getting in your own way and without setting yourself up for failure!)
  • By the end of the day you’ll be walking away with renewed optimism and enthusiasm for making what YOU want HAPPEN!

Join us on this 4-day adventure May 16, 17, 18, 20
9.30am to 3.00pm

De La Salle Pastoral Centre, Wicklow, Ireland

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



And to keep us all on-track I’ll also provide handouts every day – so you can go home with reminders of what you learned and how to apply it.

And of course, there’ll be light refreshments provided to keep everyone hydrated… and focused on the content! Simply bring your own lunch.

As you’ll see I’ve priced tickets so the ‘COST’ doesn’t prevent the ‘VALUE’ being missed by anyone. I really don’t want you missing out on this unique experience, because here’s something else you might not know about me…

I live in Perth!

I’m flying in from Australia and I’m only presenting this event in Wicklow Town. Nowhere else!

So THIS is your ONLY chance to take part in this event, because who knows when I’ll be back in Ireland again!

And because I’m only in Wicklow for a short amount of time… I’ve decided to add in some special bonuses for all attendees who book NOW…

BONUS #1: "It's All About YOU" Introductory Video

Everything you need to know to get you ready to roll on Day 1. 

PLUS an embarrassing story I’ve never shared publicly before… gulp!

BONUS #2: "Feeling Purposeful, Fulfilled, And Free!" Private Support Group

Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group... 

So we can stay connected and keep growing together once I head back to Oz!

Yes, tickets are sold per day – so come to one, two, three,
or for the best deal - all FOUR!

1 day = €49

2 days = €89

3 days = €129

4 days = €169

Oh, and remember Lisa...

She experienced massive breakthroughs in our coaching sessions.

And I want you to experience some of that awesomeness too.

That’s why I’ve decided if you attend one of the days… and you’re not 100% happy when you walk out the door… you can have your money back.

No awkwardness or feeling weird, no need to explain or get upset.

If you attend and it turns out it wasn’t a good-fit for you… that’s ok.

I’ll simply refund your ticket. No worries.

Because, well, if you’re not ready for change… you’re not ready.

But… if you have even the slightest inkling that you are... this event is for you!

This event is for you...

  • If in those moments of reflection you start to question life, its meaning, your purpose, and your past... and you're ready for some answers!
  • If you wake up some days feeling drained, and unenthusiastic, because the day-to-day routine is getting you down... and you're craving something to CHANGE!
  • If you want to prove that even though you’re getting ‘older’ you’re not ready to give up - just yet!
  • If you want to feel more assertive, confident, and self-assured in your direction... so you can wake-up everyday with a smile on your face feeling lighter and brighter!
  • If you want to remember what it was like before ‘life’ got in the way of joy, happiness, and fulfillment... so you can get back to the REAL you FASTER!

Click the button below to get your tickets and discover how freedom from the past, peace in the present, and joyful optimism in the future can be yours too...

'till we meet in May, I truly wish you all the best on your journey forward.

Carmel Murphy x

P.S. Warning: 

If you mention this event to a friend, colleague, or partner, and they don’t ‘get’ why it’s important for you to attend… please come anyway!

This is such a good example of how we let others’ opinions influence OUR outcomes. Please do it for you, no matter what someone else says, or thinks. It’s time to put you FIRST!

P.P.S. Remember…

You’re never too old for change, and it’s never too late to feel more confident. In my experience it starts with feeling safe enough to open up, share, and re-connect with ourselves. It ends with you feeling lighter, happier and more understanding of WHY life is how it is… and how you can change it for the better.?

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