Improving your workplace communication


Are you a manager in the hospitality sector?

Do you want to create a workforce of highly effective staff that can communicate with customers on a whole new level?


The hospitality industry in Australia alone employs well over a quarter of a million people.

Each year in Australia, hospitality companies spend in excess of $70 MILLION on staff training and development and all for good reason.

When tourists come to our golden shores from all around the globe, and even when we travel within our own borders to experience more of our own backyard.. It’s hospitality staff that can make or break a getaway experience.

With the advancements in technology, business reviews- especially within hospitality have never been so readily and even virally available. NOW more than ever, your people have to be sharper than they’ve ever had to be before.  

My name is Carmel Murphy and in my 30+ years in the hospitality industry I’ve come to know that this much is true: effective communication skills amongst staff, and effective interpersonal skills towards customers is paramount in this game.

All businesses, particularly yours depends on one thing above all else: people. Your staff are your greatest asset but they can also be your greatest liability if they aren’t trained and cultivated the right way.

..That’s where I come in..

I believe above all else that communication is the key to success. I’ve built a business on that philosophy. Thirty odd years and a whole lot of skin in the hospitality sector have taught me a lesson or two that I’ve transformed into practical, applicable, effective communication trainings, coaching programs, and development workshops.

Here are some companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with, in and on: 

effective communication in successful businesses