Discover… How To Land $25K+ Clients

"Having built four multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up, I can promise you none of them were built on the basis of offering $100 or $1,000 products or services... nor wasting time trying to convert freebie hunters"
- Paul Counsel

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Leaving The World Of Ordinary Results Behind

At some point in your entrepreneurial journey, there comes a time when the desire to “level up” and be valued more highly gains in strength.

When you outgrow your current circumstances… your current circumstances become suffocating. If this is happening to you… welcome, an exciting journey is about to begin!

Same routines, same people, same frustrations...

Let me introduce you to Jane. Entering her fifties, she grew increasingly aware of ending up as a “Woolly Mammoth” frozen in time…

…frozen in a world of procrastination, distraction and sometimes torturous numbness. Same routines, same people, same frustrations were tentacles pulling her in different directions. She wanted more, she wanted out…  she wanted what she knew was possible.

She was confident in her skills, trusting in her product and determined for a new adventure. That’s when she made a decision to leave her ordinary world of ordinary results.

Leveling up to $25K Offers gave Jane her escape mechanism.

Is now your time to level up and design high value premium offers too?

Enrollment for 2021 CLOSED 
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Entering The Premium Arena

This is not a journey for everyone… it’s only for those who are “ready”.

If now is the time to stop working pro-bono because someone convinced you that’s how to build a big business…

If now is the time to stop the emotional roller coaster work with people who are resistant to your message…

If now is the time to stop working with people who “work against themselves”…

If now is the time to stop suppressing emotions and thoughts of “is this all there is”, “I’m not good enough”…


If now is the time to start tapping into your greater creativity, influence, and power… then you’re in the right place at the right time.

Huge congrats… a bright new future of control, purpose, certainty and financial independence awaits you.

It’s time to start living with determination and potential… 

It’s time to start spiraling upwards instead of backwards…

It’s time to start developing your biggest and most transformative contribution to others…

It’s time to take your value to a whole new financial level…

Join me on a journey that explores your fuller potential so you can experience lucrative rewards, high satisfaction and purposeful fulfillment. It’s where you finally start living the internal authentic voice you’ve felt and heard so many times but didn’t know how to follow.


Within the premium space your offer, marketing and copy has to be spot on.

If you’re willing to work on this… keep reading.

The following are 3 key concepts to understand BEFORE we go any further...

Time Is Perceived As Being
More Valuable Than Money

That’s because our relationship with time is much more meaningful and personal to us than our relationship with money.

Money can give you time but time cannot give you money...

You Can't Create A First Impression Twice

In high value business, first impressions are everything, especially with your branding.

So, when presenting your high premium, high value offer, there’s nothing more important than controlling the framing of the first impression...

The Psychology Behind
$25K Offers That Work

People of affluence and money need just as much support in achieving what they cannot achieve for themselves as anyone at the lower end of the marketplace.

They also have the financial resources to pursue those dreams. They want the best support and help possible. So, they look towards the high end of the marketplace.

How To Position Yourself At The High End Of The Market Place


Design Premium $25K Offers...

...that attract clients who WANT deeper levels of personalisation and service!

People of affluence look towards people who stand out, people who have unique views on common problems, and people who can handle their high achievement desires for extraordinary results.

The design of your $25K offer must incorporate high touch and high understanding on these points.

To point your offer towards the affluent, you need a highly focused conversion marketing campaign that aims at the affluent. With high premium, high value offers, much preparation work needs to be done. You must know the journey your ideal client is on and the journey they prefer to be on.

You must know your ideal customer inside out… better than they know themselves. We will be taking a deep-dive into this during the Master Class!


Design, Write & Present Lucrative Business Proposals

“Proposals are won or lost by what happens in the events leading up to them.” (Weiss)

In Million Dollar Consulting Proposals, Alan Weiss states that a proposal to engage a client in a business relationship is a document that forms, ‘a summation of a conceptual agreement between you and a buyer’.

“A proposal is a summation, not an exploration. It confirms the conceptual agreement between consultant and buyer and demonstrates options, with attendant return on investment.” (Weiss)

The most important aspect of proposal acceptance is the completeness of your discovery, clarification and preparation groundwork. You must establish conceptual agreement between you and your potential client prior to submitting your proposal.

Discover what questions to ask in client meetings, how to structure and write your proposal for maximum acceptance,and how to ensure high-end value is perceived every step of the way... following this simple
10-Step Template!


Control Your Value Frame, Message, And Image 

Everything you do must convey you’re the breakout/breakthrough solution specialist they’ve been searching for.

Your branding is often the first value frame someone sees. It’s your promise of the value you deliver. It’s also a belief from the potential customer of value they’ll experience.

Your standout promise must be targeted. It can be counter-intuitive, unique, original, and limit busting. But most of all, it must convey that you’re the breakout/breakthrough solution specialist they’ve been searching for.

Together with the high touch, high value benefits and tangible outcomes you help people experience, your value authority must introduce itself according to the value you want to be known by.

Your value frame proposition must convey your authority, your expertise and your thought leadership. Lets start crafting this together!

Learn how to execute all 3 elements in the... 

"How To Land $25K+ Clients"

6 Week Master Class

Enrollment for 2021 CLOSED 
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Classes held online via Zoom

Presented By Paul Counsel

The Money Mastery Mentor

Having built four multi-million dollar businesses for himself, Paul Counsel is now focused on passing his skills and support onto emerging entrepreneurs, consultants and business owners determined to achieve greater levels of success for themselves.

Paul is an author, mentor and business leader. He is also one of LinkedIn's top 3% business strategy mentors. Paul’s knowledge of business building and high conversion marking insights are second to none, when it comes to making your business work for you. 

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Your Questions... Answered!

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what if I already work with $25K+ clients?
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I heard you helped someone turn a $20K proposal into a $150K proposal that closed! how did that happen?

What is the Biggest mistake You see People Making When It Comes To Designing offers?

what is a value frame and why is it important to have one?

What Will I learn on this 6-week master class & what can i expect to experience?


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